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Rubber Cushion Mats

Rubber Cushion Mats Make for a Happy Industrial Worker

Black revolution interlocking flooring tiles in security roomA healthy worker is a happy worker. Using rubber cushion mats will help your staff reach this end. With a positive outlook, a worker is more enthusiastic and productive. A more productive worker means higher yields and results for a company. Ultimately, higher yields and results make a happy and successful business owner.

A crucial factor of running a successful industrial business is keeping your workers healthy. However, in industrial work settings like factories, refineries and manufacturing plants, it’s certainly a challenge to avoid worker-related injuries. In 2010, the nonfatal incident rate in industrial manufacturing occupations was 4.0 cases per 100 workers, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Work-related musculoskeletal disorders, which affect the body’s muscles, bones, tendons and ligaments, account for 28% of all workplace injuries that require time away from work.

black revolution interlocking tiles on fitness equipment roomIt may be an impossible task to completely create an injury-free industrial workplace. But, it is as easy as installing rubber cushion mats to reduce the amount and severity of work-related musculoskeletal disorders and injurious incidents.

The average industrial worker stands for hours on end, walks short distances and may occasionally lift and transport objects. Repeating these physical tasks strains the body’s muscles and joints and induces fatigue in the worker. Installing rubber cushion mats reduces this strain on a worker’s muscles and joints because of rubber’s natural shock-absorbing qualities. The movement and impact that normally pressure a worker’s joints are instead dispersed over the area of the comfort floor mat.

Laying down some rubber cushion mats may also reduce work-related injuries caused by slippage. Grease, oil and even sweat can accumulate on factory floors, thus setting the stage for a disastrous fall. The installation of rubber floor mats increases traction for your workers even if the mat is covered with grease, oil or sweat. Made from recycled car tires, our comfort color mats weather the most abrasive conditions and remain resilient despite frequent abuse.

Rubber cushion mats won’t protect workers from catching a cold or falling asleep on the job, but these mats will reduce the physical strain that industrial occupations demand. A healthy worker won’t skip work because their back hurts or their feet are sore. Yet, most importantly, a company’s workers will notice little considerations, like the installation of comfort floor mats. It’s a subtle message from a company to their employees that shows a concern for a worker’s health and wellbeing.