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Anti Slip Safety

Anti-Slip Flooring Saves Businesses Costly Workers' Compensation Costs

black corrugated wide rib runner mat outside the two peopleIn 2008, the cost of most disabling workplace injuries and illnesses totaled to more than $53 billion in direct U.S. workers compensation costs, according to Liberty Mutual’s 2010 Workplace Safety Index ( Views/LMG&ft=2&fid=1138356633468&ln=en). Of the $53 billion spent on workers’ compensation costs, $13.67 billion was spent on injuries resulting from slips and falls. These statistics might be startling to some business owners, who not only see that a worker is unfit and unhealthy to work but also know that money is being lost through lack of production and compensation costs. Equip your workplace with accident-preventing anti-slip flooring and avoid any hiccups in your business operation.

Placing an anti-slip mat at each potentially hazardous area in your workplace is a necessary precaution to ensure the safety of your employees. Rubber mats offer three features to save business owners time, stress and money:

  1. Non-Slip Grip: The most important features of our rubber anti-slip flooring are obviously its non-skid and non-slip characteristics. The rubber mats have three degrees of accident-prevention. First, our anti-slip mats are made of rubber, a material which inherently provides traction and grip. Rubber is commonly used under shoes for a reason!

    Another non-slip characteristic of our mats is the raised surface texture on the upper face of the mats. The protrusions act as treads that further increase the amount of friction between the soles of feet and the mat, which in turn prevents slips. The last aspect of our rubber mats lies underneath the mat. The subsurface (the area of the mat that is in contact with the floor) of an anti-slip mat also has a textured surface to prevent the mat from skidding.

    black corrugated wide rib runner mat placed outside business door The rubber mats retain their non-slip grip even in moist and dirty conditions. This is a vital feature considering the inefficiency in having to clean the floor constantly.

  2. Bodily protection: Aside from anti-slip properties, rubber mats serve as an effective shock-absorbing floor. Prolonged standing or walking on hard surface floors puts stress and strain on a worker’s body and can possibly evolve into more serious musculoskeletal disorders. A rubber anti-slip mat acts as a cushion under your workers’ feet.

    For those unforeseeable incidents when a worker slips and falls, the rubber mats doubly function as a cushiony barrier between a falling worker and a hard floor surface. The mat certainly won’t pad like a mattress, but it will reduce the severity of the fall. A healthy worker makes a happy business owner.

  3. Long-lasting durability: Anti-slip mats are made of rubber and are incredibly durable despite regular wear, moisture and dust. This resilience keeps the rubber mats in shape for a long time; this means business owners would not have to replace the mats every year. In this way, a rubber flooring mat is not only a necessary safety precaution but also a wise long-lasting investment.

Anti-slip flooring is an easy and cost-effective solution to reduce the likelihood of an injurious workplace accident. Rubber mats are extremely easy to install and maintain, saving business owners time, money, and the hassle of more intensive flooring solutions. With its anti-slip grip, cushion-like quality, and long-lasting durability, a well-placed anti-slip mat can keep your employees from being just another statistic in an accident report.