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Anti Slip Matting

Anti Slip Rubber Floors Keeps Theme Park Splash Zones Safely Dry!

black Eco Drain Interlocking Rubber Drainage Tiles near the poolThe presence of rubber flooring and rubber products is one thing that is taken for granted in our lives. Rubber products are everywhere. Anti-slip rubber floors and anti-slip matting is a subset of the above but in damp work areas and wet US States this floor is in use for good reason. Last summer, I took a weekend road trip down to sunny San Diego to visit its world-famous ocean themed attraction, SeaWorld! I love aquariums, and I love theme parks, so a combination of the two sounded amazing. It definitely didn’t disappoint… I wandered its various aquatic displays and live exhibits, watched the trick shows, and read all about sea animals. It was definitely a whole day of aquatic fun, with lots of water! The first show I watched featured playful dolphins squirting water toward the audience, followed by the famous Shamu show starring SeaWorld’s gigantic orca whales. Those four-ton giants can certainly make a splash with their giant tails!

Thinking back on the trip, I realize that I saw rubber EVERYWHERE! It was laid down as anti-slip matting surface in locations all around the park from the stadium where the Shamu show took place, to the petting area around the sea rays. The park designers definitely know their stuff, because rubber material is naturally great for safety reasons. Rubber is water and moisture resistant, so no matter how much Shamu splashes the rubber matting will not pucker, expand, or lose its elasticity. It will also resist any mildew growth that occurs naturally in wet areas, making it clean and sanitary as well.

SeaWorld is one of the most popular attractions in California and has thousands of visitors at any given time! This means a ridiculous amount of foot traffic goes through the exhibits and shows each and every day. In addition to its water resistant qualities, anti slip rubber flooring is also a highly durable material. Anti-slip matting made from Rubber is resilient, resistant to impact, and can endure continuous wear and tear. It definitely has the strength to withstand the shuffling crowds in addition to securing their feet in wet areas. Visitors to the park can count on the fact that rubber matting will keep their trip slip-free!