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Goodyear Rubber "BBQ Under Grill Mat"

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California Prop 65:WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -

The Goodyear Rubber “BBQ Under Grill Mat” is a BBQ floor-mat designed for placement beneath backyard barbecues and grills. This deck protector for grill stations is made of natural and reclaimed rubbers, materials which are durable, shock-absorbent, water-resistant, and slip-resistant. The “BBQ Under Grill Mat” is available in 4 different variations: a 32”-diameter circle and 48” x 36”, 56” x 32”, and 72” x 32” rectangles. Since there are so many sizing options, if you need an extra-large grill-mat for deck and patio barbecue stations, the “BBQ Under Grill Mat” may be the best under-grill mat for your purposes.

The “BBQ Under Grill Mat” is designed to protect your outdoor floors from potential damages caused by barbecue equipment and byproducts. Barbecuing is a messy business. Water, greases, and sauces can splatter everywhere, dripping onto, seeping into, and permanently damaging your floors. This BBQ floor-protection mat is built to withstand the gastronomical chaos that accompanies any good barbecuing session. What’s more, heavy cookware can sometimes fall from your barbecue’s tabletop, irreparably damaging your subfloors. This under-BBQ grill mat absorbs the impact of falling objects, protecting your floors from harm. Using an under-BBQ mat can potentially save you tons in cleaning costs and repair fees.

Because rubber is naturally water-resistant and moderately chemical-resistant, the “BBQ Under Grill Mat” is easy to clean using only water and a mild, household detergent. But, please keep in mind that we do not recommend that you use caustic solutions—like bleach—to clean this BBQ grill-floor-mat, as they can discolor or degrade the mat.

  • Protects outdoor flooring from potential damage caused by cooking byproducts
  • Catches spilled foodstuffs before they reach your floors
  • Corrugated surface secures grilling equipment in place
  • Adds visual emphasis to your grill station
  • Easy to clean with water and with household cleaning solutions
Mat Pricing1 Unit+10 Unit+25 Unit+100 Unit+
5mm x 32" OD$57.99$55.09$53.64$50.74
5mm x 48" x 36"$99.00$94.05$91.58$86.63
5mm x 56" x 32"$105.00$99.75$97.13$91.88
5mm x 72" x 32"$120.00$114.00$111.00$105.00
Description:The Goodyear Rubber “BBQ Under Grill Mat” is a rubber mat designed to protect decks, patios, and other exterior surfaces from the harmful effects of greases, oils, and other grilling byproducts. This cost-effective rubber barbecue mat will reduce the cleaning and replacement costs of your expensive outdoor floors. Made from high-quality, durable rubber, these are under-the-grill mats that can add emphasis to your grill station, as well as protect your surfaces from damage.
Material: Reclaimed and Natural Rubber
Sizes: 5mm x 32" Outside Diameter – 4.1kg – 9lbs 5mm x 48" Length x 36" Width – 7.6kg – 16.8lbs 5mm x 56" Length x 32" Width – 7.9kg – 17.4lbs 5mm x 72" Length x 32" Width – 10.1kg – 22.3lbs
Thickness: 5mm
Hardness: 60 Shore A Nominal
Available Colors: Black
BBQ Drippings: The “BBQ Under Grill Mat” is designed to protect surfaces beneath grills and barbeques by catching the spills and leakages of cooking byproducts. This durable rubber flooring protects against dropped objects, greasy fluids, and other foodstuffs that are accidentally released onto the area surrounding the grill. This protects the subfloors from becoming dirty, and it prevents accidents from potentially becoming slip-and-fall hazards.
Tough: The “BBQ Under Grill Mat” is made from a blend of natural and reclaimed rubber materials to ensure excellent physical durability, water resistance and floor protection. The 5mm-thick rubber acts as a shield, protecting subfloors from abrasive equipment movements and messy clean-up jobs. The rubber barbeque mat is made from solid, non-permeable rubber and features a “Hammer-Top” surface texture to enhance traction—preventing the grill from slipping out of place.
Why Do I need a BBQ Mat: There are many reasons why you may need to protect the floor beneath your BBQ or grill. Whether you have wood, tile, cobblestone, or another precious and expensive outdoor floor surface, the “BBQ Under Grill Mat” is an inexpensive way to keep your floors clean and protected. This rubber mat offers a 5mm-thick layer of protection and, when installed properly, it will catch spilled foodstuffs. We offer this mat in four different sizes, accommodating barbecue or grill set-ups of most sizes.
Cleaning: Since this rubber mat is made from natural and reclaimed rubber materials, it demonstrates good resistances to moisture and to mild cleaning solutions, allowing you to clean the mat with your favorite household detergent. But, please refrain from using bleach or other strong, caustic cleaners: Strong chemicals can cause the rubber mat to discolor or degrade.
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California Prop 65:WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -

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