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Watch How Installing Safety Playground Surfaces Can Protect Children!


With an unsightly backyard, homeowners Coliene and Buck Tallman were so embarrassed of their patio that they would close the drapes whenever someone came over. Entertaining in the backyard was out of the question. The Tallmans even went as far as explaining their choice to shut the curtains so their guests wouldn’t be “subjected to” their unappealing backyard. With a young son, Jacob, they also worried for his safety in their dangerous yard. He would also scrape up his knees whenever he went to play basketball outside. Hostess Jackie Taylor and landscape designer Dean Hill of DIY Network’s “Grounds for Improvement” told the Tallmans to put their worries aside because they love working with small spaces, explaining that a little flavor and color go a long way.

To add color and safety, the “Grounds for Improvement” crew helped the Tallmans install one inch thick rubber interlocking tiles. Using three pins on each side, the tiles merely slide together in a simple installation process. The 24 inch by 24 inch tiles also cover a considerable amount of space without too many individual tiles. With a thickness of one inch, the rubber tiles have more cushion than hard concrete so they are more comfortable to walk or stand on. Dean explains that these tiles are often found being used as playground surfacing or at ice skating rinks. They keep you safe because they are anti-slip due to rubber’s naturally high coefficient of friction, perfect for any area where children run around. The beveled edge also helps to prevent tripping, while the softer surface helps protect you from serious injury in case of an accidental fall. The terracotta color also warmed up the backyard and added a pop of color that contrasted their blue steel fence, creating a visually interesting and appealing backyard space.

When the patio area was transformed, Coliene and Buck Tallman were blown away by how fast and easy everything had been to install. The space hardly looked the same and as Buck mentioned, it seemed like the backyard had actually gotten bigger. Jacob immediately began using his basketball hoop while Coliene rested easy knowing that the flooring would help better protect him. The Tallmans were so pleased with their backyard that they finally opened up their curtains to enjoy the view of their new space.