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Why Are Rubber-Cal the Leading Rubber Flooring Suppliers?


In a segment on OC’s “Metro Minute”, the news program featured a short story about Rubber-Cal’s exciting relationship with the DIY network and its new show, “Extra Yardage”. The DIY network is aimed at homeowners around America with a willing and can-do attitude that want to renovate their houses without using any professional installers and who are on a tight budget. It offers simple, quick and effective solutions for problems that many homeowners have around the house and want to fix themselves without breaking the bank. After several successful partnerships with the DIY Network on great shows such as “Man Caves”, “DIY to the Rescue” and “Grounds for Improvement”, Rubber-Cal agreed to partner with DIY Network’s newest show, “Extra Yardage”.

This show features easy DIY ideas for improving unsightly backyards, outside decks and patios in time-efficient and hassle-free manners. With a strong bond to the DIY Network through its previous shows and partnerships, many of Rubber-Cal’s flooring products are easily self-installed, making this pairing a match made in home improvement heaven. Not only are these products effortlessly installed, but they are also very versatile. From interlocking tiles to full rolls of rubber flooring, these “springy ground surfaces” have transformed everything from art studios to man caves. This soft flooring is not only more comfortable than hard concrete or tile, but also incredibly durable to withstand outside elements.

Many of Rubber-Cal’s flooring solutions are actually made from recycled American tires. These eco-friendly products have inherited the weather, ozone, and UV resistant qualities that are found in tires, making them perfect for outdoor applications such as pool decks and patios. Growing from humble beginnings as an unheard of cable network, the DIY Network currently has an amazing reach of over 50 million households. Rubber-Cal is extremely pleased and proud to partner with such a large network whose values so closely resemble our own. We are ecstatic that the OC “Metro Minute” featured this exciting, symbiotic relationship.