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Diamond-Grip: Among the Best Rubber Flooring Products for Any Industry

Owning a company can have its downfalls when you have staff, vendors, and clients that you are liable for. If you are a property owner, in shopping centers, in malls, in apartments, even in leased-out commercial buildings, you are culpable for the safety of those who pass through the public areas. Safety becomes a huge concern whether you are in the catering business or own a successful restaurant. It is important to take responsibility of your property. Insurance is a great first step, but it really is the method of last resort and in effect when something horrible happens. You the business owner can protect yourself in small ways as well. Slips and falls are common occurrences in public bathrooms, or when people are rushing around or uneven surfaces, or after a rainy day! Investing in some rubber flooring products could be the cheapest solution (i.e. form of insurance) to these issues. Rubber safety mats are precisely what Rubber-Cal’s Diamond-Grip roll rubber mat were created for, and offer the protection that your employees need with the durability that any industry could use. With the constant foot traffic that permeates many companies, this flooring option will reduce your worries about safety.

Receiving its name from its industrial diamond-plate design, the Diamond Grip rolled rubber mats texture gives added traction to any surface that it is placed upon. In combination with rubber’s naturally high surface friction, it can reduce the risks of slips and falls. The diamond design located on the top surface of this material is actually raised above the rest of the flooring and can serve as an anti-slip rubber mat in areas that are more prone to falls. Coming in rolls up to 50ft in length, you can easily create separate mats from this material to place in different areas that could use more traction since it is a simple material to cut into custom lengths using a standard utility knife and a straight edge. However, if you are looking to have custom lengths, Rubber-Cal offers custom lengths up to 50 continuous feet.

Rubber flooring products like the Diamond-Grip roll rubber mat are also great for industrial applications because of the strength and resilience that they add to your floors. When your company is in an area that experiences rain frequently, placing an anti-slip rubber mat at the entrances of your company will provide the traction that is needed in this area. The rubber quality of this flooring is resilient to water and allows for an easy clean up when removing the excess liquids that have been treaded onto your company floors. Strength is another great component of the Diamond-Grip rubber safety mats. Not only is this flooring strong in terms of its durability, which comes from the recycled and synthetic rubber materials that are used to create this flooring, but it also prevents wear and tear on the floors of industrial settings.

With your employees’ safety enhanced by the rubber safety mats the probability of minor accidents and headaches will be reduced. Investing in rolled rubber mats is an affordable piece of insurance for firms that foresee problems due to wet floors, slippery ramps, or uneven surfaces. However, with commercial and industrial applications in mind, Rubber-Cal has also kept mobility as a priority for our consumers. At times your company is looking to invest in a product that is resourceful and can be moved easily from one area to the other. Catering businesses are constantly setting up shop and tearing it down at the end of an event. These businesses can benefit from the ability to move anti-slip product mats to other locations easily. With a weight that is manageable to carry around, this flooring option can be ideal for either the business that stays put or is constantly on the move. So when you are looking for rubber flooring products that offer great anti slip qualities and more, Rubber-Cal’s Diamond Grip is perfect for the industrial and commercial setting!