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New PVC Flooring Line Now Available at Rubber-Cal

Rubber-Cal Inc. has launched a bold expansion of its flooring inventory with the addition of new products made from PVC. The company has been a significant player in the U.S. resilient flooring industry for the last 15 years, with a very diverse clientele ranging from the private home user to corporate and academic institutions. PVC products are a natural fit for Rubber-Cal because it adds a durable, colorful, and affordable flooring line to existing products.

The advantages of PVC flooring are far-reaching, from providing an attractive look to giving an extra level of functionality.

“PVC brings a lot of variety to the table in terms of aesthetics,” said Josh Krueger, VP of Operations at Rubber-Cal. “Some of our new PVC rolls are designed to look like actual hardwood floors. Others have certain patterns on their surfaces, like a coin pattern or a diamond-plate layout. We even have some options that have a metallic appearance.”

Aside from the modern and attractive aesthetics, the coin and diamond patterning also provide significant underfoot improvements, including extra traction to boost anti-slip safety.

Rubber-Cal’s rubber flooring products are already very popular because of their affordability, durability, and ease of installation. The new PVC flooring products in their inventory share these traits, but they are also resistant to oils and chemicals, making them even more useful in a wider range of applications.

Sean Dhaliwal, head of marketing at Rubber-Cal, believes that PVC’s chemical resistance will help the company meet the demands of their customer base more effectively. He said: “Our PVC flooring is very well suited for garages and workshops because it has a much longer lifespan when faced by the kinds of oils and greases that you see leaking out from cars. If you want to put in new flooring in your garage, take a closer look at one of our new PVC products.”

PVC was introduced in the 1920’s by B.F. Goodrich, American tire company, as an alternative to natural rubber products. One of its very first uses was to insulate wiring on military ships. By the 1960s, the mass production of PVC had started and a multitude of companies were using it for applications in the construction industry. In recent years, PVC has become a very popular product for use as flooring in the thriving home renovation and DIY markets.

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