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Rubber-Cal to Launch New Gas Station Mat

Rubber-Cal, Inc. will be launching an exciting addition to its inventory with the introduction of a new specialty Gas Station Mat. The new product will provide consumers with a high-quality rubber mat which has been designed specifically for use by gas station firms. Rubber-Cal has long been a leader in America’s rubber trade, serving a variety of industries. With the addition of its new Gas Station Mat, the company is now looking to make its mark on the fuel station market.

The Gas Station Mat is a circular rubber mat, designed for gas station owners to cover their fuel sumps. A fuel sump is a grated ground opening at a gas station, which is used by fuel trucks to fill the underground tanks. Rubber-Cal’s waterproof and UV-resistant Gas Station Mat can be placed over the sump opening, protecting it from physical damage and preventing rainwater and other contaminants from leaking into the fuel supply. A Gas Station Mat can save station operators from the costly process of having contaminants pumped out of the sump, as well as protecting the cover and improving its aesthetic.

Sean Dhaliwal, head of marketing at Rubber-Cal and Gas Station Mat specialist, said: “Over the past couple years we’ve had gas station owners coming to us for mats that they can place over these sumps. They are looking for durable products that can hold up to both physical stress and weather conditions. While our existing products were a decent fix, we knew we could do better.”

Mr. Dhaliwal added: “The Gas Station Mat will be our first circular matting product. This is part of our core philosophy of living brands, where our inventory evolves and updates according to changing demands in the market.”

Rubber-Cal’s Gas Station Mat is made from durable SBR rubber, providing a non-porous waterproof covering. SBR also has excellent resistance to outdoor elements, making it the perfect material for a Gas Station Mat which will be left outside in all conditions.

The first purpose-built gas station was created in St. Louis in 1905, and there are now about 115,000 stations in the United States. Most station fuel tanks are located underground and refilled using the sump channels. While some gas station operators might have fashioned makeshift sump covers, Rubber-Cal’s new Gas Station Mat will provide the best purpose-made option.

The mat is 4ft. in diameter, with beveled edges and attractive grip-enhancing diamond-plate styling, and is available now to be shipped across North America.

Rubber-Cal, Inc. is based in Southern California and specializes in offering quality rubber products. The company was founded in 1994 and has become a leading source of rubber flooring, industrial sheet rubber and flexible ducting. Rubber-Cal is committed to its customers and prides itself on constantly evolving to meet changing consumer needs. The company also has a strong online presence, with storefronts at,,, and, as well as other sales channels. These sites give customers access to Rubber-Cal’s extensive inventory, along with a vast array of information, specifications and pricing.