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Rubber-Cal Launches New Commercial Stair Mats

Rubber-Cal, Inc. is set to release a new line of commercial rubber stair treads designed for slip-prevention on indoor and outdoor staircases. The three new stair mats feature textured surfaces and are specially designed to fit on the larger sized steps common to commercial and public facilities. Rubber-Cal already offers a vast selection of residential non-slip treads and aims to fulfil the needs of the commercial real estate market with the additional line of products.

Public stairways in commercial locations have more surface area than residential steps and require more safety coverage. In addition, the use of step mats is a low cost safety investment in reducing what could be a large liability concern on heavily traversed stairs.

Sean Dhaliwal, head of marketing at Rubber-Cal, said: “We get frequent calls from property managers requesting our tread mats in larger dimensions. Up until now we have only offered one size, and that size is just not able to meet the safety standards of commercial establishments.” The new commercial non-slip stair treads are available in 10 x 36-inches or 10 x 48-inches with the aim to fit on any public stairway.

Each of the new designs also showcases a different patterned surface, all of which intend to improve traction and prevent slips. The “Commercial Coin-Grip Grit” even features a new emery-grain textured surface to provide a higher level of slip-resistance.

According to the National Safety Council, stairway accidents are the second leading cause of accidental injury. Stairway accidents affect people of all ages, with 12,000 deaths and over one million injuries each year. Public stairs see more frequent accidents than residential stairways due to high volumes of foot traffic. It is important that owners of public stairways provide proper slip-prevention in their establishments to protect their guests and enforce safety standards.

Rubber-Cal, Inc. is based in Southern California and specializes in offering quality rubber products. The company was founded in 1994 and has become a leading source of rubber flooring, industrial sheet rubber and flexible ducting. The company also has a strong online presence, with storefronts at,,, and, as well as other sales channels.