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Goodyear Tire and Rubber-Cal Join Forces To Release New Line of Rubber Mats and Flooring Products

FOUNTAIN VALLEY, CA – Goodyear and Rubber-Cal are excited to announce their partnership with the launch of a new line of rubber flooring & mats. The partnership between the two firms is a natural fit. Goodyear is the world’s oldest producer of rubber and a household name in the world of tires and automotives. Rubber-Cal is one of America’s leading distributors of rubber mats and flooring. With the release of a diverse product-line, the two companies aim to provide consumers with a new selection of resilient flooring options that are durable, attractive and eco-friendly.

Most notable of the new flooring products are the Goodyear Tire “ReUz™ Rubber Tiles” and “ReUz™ Rubber Flooring Rolls,” which are made from 100% recycled rubber materials. To manufacture these tire derived products (TDPs), discarded Goodyear tires and other rubber products are ground into sustainable tire crumb and adhered together to produce resilient, durable floors. The “ReUz™” flooring products are highly recommended for use in fitness facilities, basements, and garages. Another product-line will focus on high quality thermoplastic (TPE) rubber products that consist of materials with both thermoplastic and elastomeric properties. TPEs consume less energy to produce and can be colored easily, allowing for attractive textured floors.

In addition to rubber flooring products, the new line from Goodyear and Rubber-Cal will introduce first-of-their-kind rubber floor mats designed for washing machines, dryers and outdoor BBQs. These mats act as protective barriers beneath appliances to reduce washer and dryer vibrations or catch BBQ drippings. The new rubber mats are made from eco-friendly reclaimed rubber and available in a selection of unique sizes to match footprints of the most popular appliances on the market today.

“Over the years we have noticed a gap between the flooring needs demanded by various industries and the options available to them in the market,” Sean Dhaliwal, head of marketing at Rubber-Cal said. “By joining forces with Goodyear, we now intend to offer high-quality rubber flooring that has been missing in the North American market.”

“The increased demand for quality garage flooring is a perfect example,” he continued, “the Goodyear name is synonymous with the invention of rubber as well as the modern American garage. Goodyear makes a perfect fit for rubber garage flooring products. We expect this line to have tremendous success.”

The new product line is expected to launch by the end of first quarter 2020. Products will be marketed online and via big box retailers. “We expect the number of SKU’s to grow substantially during the second year,” Sean added. “The complementary capabilities of each brand and the resulting synergies will also make the new product-line agile. I am delighted at the coming together of the people, ideas, and resources of these two firms.”

About Goodyear

For over 120 years, Goodyear has been developing products that keep the world moving. From emergency response vehicles that save lives each day to the cars that bring people home to their families, Goodyear tires play an integral role in bringing people together and making transportation possible.

Goodyear is a trademark of The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company.

About Rubber-Cal

Rubber-Cal, Inc. is based in California and specializes in industrial rubber products. The company was founded in 1994 and has become a leading source of rubber flooring, industrial sheet rubber and flexible ducting. Rubber-Cal is focused on serving all consumers with custom-produced parts and products, from companies to individual consumers.

ReUz™ is a registered trademark of Rubber-Cal, Inc., in the U.S. and/or other countries.

Sean Dhaliwal
Rubber-Cal Inc.