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"Fun with Dick and Jane" use Neoprene Sponge as protective surface for stuntmen.

This action/comedy remake of the 1977 film (Starring George Segal and Jane Fonda) by the same name will rely on the resilient cushioning of this product both to ensure their workers' safety and to maintain scene aesthetics.

They always say comedy is hard, however it seems that Jim Carrey's latest comedy is pegged to be one of the biggest releases this Christmas. Fun with Dick and Jane, which filmed for 114 days of principal photography earlier this year (some 25 days over schedule), is now back for more. Dick Harper and his wife Jane are used to a comfortable lifestyle. They have just built a swimming-pool when Dick is fired very unexpectedly, leaving him with a huge debt on the house. They try to hide this from the neighbors by just cutting down their expenses, but soon it's obvious: living on unemployment drives them crazy, and it's uncertain if they can keep the house. Dick decides that robbing drug stores is their only way out - but this takes more skill than expected! Only as a team can Dick and Jane succeed. (note: The preceding synopsis refers to the 1977 original. The updated version may differ substantially in plot specifics.)

The construction crew on this film used Neoprene Sponge for a temporary safety surface which conformed to their design needs. Rubber-Cal provided this product on time and fitted to their exact specifications, with the entire transaction, from inquiry to delivery, being completed in under 48 hours.