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Z-Grip: A recycled elastomeric sheet with a unique corrugated v-ribbed surface

The Z-Grip, a new choice among Rubber-Cal's corrugated rubber sheeting products, is a V-ribbed sheet rubber designed for excellent impact strength and superb grip. The traction surface of this product makes it ideal for traction-adding applications in industrial settings, where heavy equipment and serious abrasion are expected. The Z-Grip is available in 36" or 48" wide rolls, in a standard .170" gauge.

This product offers a broad array of customization options, allowing this sheet to be custom made in specific dimensions for more demanding applications. In full 50 ft rolls, the thickness of the sheet can be specified up to .500" (1/2"), and the product can be produced up to 102" wide. In standard dimensions (.170" x 36" or .170" x 48"), the Z-Grip is also offered in custom cut lengths by the linear ft (with a minimum of only 3 linear ft). A pressure sensitive adhesive (PSA) backing is also available on full 50 ft rolls.

A green and completely recycled rubber product, the Z-Grip will compete with the traditional and more petroleum intensive sheet rubber products. Increasing basic materials costs for petroleum based sheet goods, make recycled products more price competitive, as well as more conducive to the environment friendly pallet of the modern consumer. Z-Grip, X-Derm, Elephant Bark, and Eco-Sport Tiles are a few of the recycled products which Rubber-Cal now offers.

Like other sheet rubber products, the Z-Grip offers a variety of options for custom fabrication besides the roll size variations listed above. While the Z-Grip may be hand cut for smaller scale production jobs, this rubber sheeting can also be laser, waterjet, or die cut to fit more exacting parameters.

When faced with impact from heavy equipment, the Z-Grip offers superb strength while still providing a high traction surface. Since it is made from recycled car tires, the Z-Grip is weatherproof. This rubber is great for outdoor applications such as farm machinery, construction equipment, truck bed liners, and boat dock walkways.

Samples of this product are available through the website as well as specification sheets outlining the technical properties of this sheet rubber product.