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Eco-Play Safety Tiles, a new product to the playground surfacing market.

Rubber-Cal Inc., today unveiled a new product to the playground surfacing market. This new tiled recycled rubber product, called the Eco-Play Safety tiles, is designed specifically for playground usage. This soft, low density tile is an indoor or outdoor surfacing. Eco-Play Safety tiles are excellent for protecting children while on public or private playgrounds from possible falls.

This rubber safety surfacing, which are 2.5 inches thick, 20 inches square, provide plenty of rubber to assist in protecting children in case of a fall. The natural elasticity, cushioning, and shock absorbing qualities of rubber are enhanced via the low durometer of the Eco-Play Safety's rubber make-up. The intricate construction of these tiles is the secret to their protection. The bottom or sub-surface of the product is waffled, and the rubber used in the sub-surface is less dense and made up of thicker granules than the top layer. This allows for the rubber to compress, at the point of impact. The top layer is constructed of a dense, thicker rubber mesh, hence providing excellent durability when walked on.

Another excellent feature of this product is the ease of installation. It offers a couple of different options for installation methods; the first method of installation being the typical permanent installation, which is done on concrete or asphalt, and is usually adhered using a Polyurethane-Based adhesive (such as our CX-941). The second option, which makes installation a breeze, is the unique interlocking pin installation method. Each Eco-Play Safety tile has 4 holes on all 4 sides of the tile, in which a plastic pin is inserted halfway into. These pins that are in the tile align with the tile next to it, and those same pins connect the two tiles together. For detailed installation information please access the product's install guide online, or view the Eco-Play illustrated install guide.

The Eco-Play Safety Tiles are also available in a variety of colors: Blue, Green, Terra Cota, Gray and Coal, to match any outdoor environment. The tiles are also made with high levels of EPDM, which occurs naturally in recycled rubber, a compound that is highly resistant to UV and Ozone rays. This means excellent durability even in extremely sunny environments.

The Eco-Play Safety tiles ease of installation will lower the overall cost of ownership in most residential applications. The simplicity of interlocking the tiles has broad appeal, and is not limited by a specific demographic. This product not only will appeal to the Do It Your Self consumer, but also all others who may be initially taken back by the expected scope of installation. The modular nature of the tiles will also elongate their work life, since consumers can disassemble the product, and move them to any new location. This also lowers the overall cost of ownership, especially for the residential customers. Since the Eco-Play Safety tiles will not be a permanent improvement to a residence and can be moved at any time to a new location.