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Rubber-Cal’s Eco-Safety Raise the Bar of Safety Standards Once Again!

Rubber-Cal, based out of Santa Ana, CA, continues to assert itself as the authority on rubber flooring by providing products that push the limits on safety. The Eco-Safety Tiles were tested and rated with a six-foot fall height by TUV SUD America, making them an approved playground surfacing option for commercial or residential applications.

Rubber-Cal’s Technical Sales Manager, Josh Krueger, notes: “with the introduction of this new rating comes the improved assurance for our clients that our playground mats are an ASTM rated playground surfacing product.”

Eco-Safety tiles’ have met the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) 1292-09 requirements. With the reformulation of their interlocking tiles, the new rating will ensure that safety is still the priority and core focus on the rubber tiles.

“By reformulating our product we are ultimately providing a higher quality end-result that I’m sure our customers will notice and appreciate,” says Visual Media Director Luis Macias. “We sent our products to be tested by a reliable independent company and are happy to say that all of our efforts have paid off with this improved product.” TUV SUD America specializes in the development and delivery of voluntary consensus standards which are used to improve product quality, enhance safety, and build consumer confidence through international safety testing and certification services.

Determining a fall height is based upon the distance between the highest point of playground equipment at which a child may stand and the surface beneath. The ability of playground surfacing to absorb the impact of a fall and provide ample cushioning is what will determine the fall height rating. TUV SUD America conducted fall height safety tests using Rubber-Cal, Inc.’s Eco-Safety Rubber Tiles and found that their ability to absorb the impact of a fallen child would greatly reduce the likelihood of incurred serious injuries from heights of up to 6 feet.

The American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) 1292-09 requirements detail the impact attenuation of surfacing materials within the use zone of playground equipment. The rubber flooring provided through these interlocking tiles, per the conclusion of TUV SUD America’s safety tests, have met all of the ASTM requirements at six-feet.

Rubber-Cal, Inc.’s CEO Beau Pirghibi boasts “The Eco-Safety Tiles are excellent examples of Rubber-Cal’s continuous strive for improvement upon our already exceptional product lines and we’re not going to stop here!”