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Rubber-Cal announces the release of Puzzle-Lock, a recycled modular rubber tile.

Puzzle-Lock is a recycled rubber tile, designed as an interlocking and modular floor tile. Rubber-Cal has had a flurry of new products being released in its flooring and matting line. The Puzzle-Lock is a much awaited release and a strategic asset to a formidable line. The unique features of this product, combined with high demand for a modular rubber tiles, are expected to give rise to the one of the most successful product releases.

One of the most noticeable and most useful features is the easy installation this product offers. Its simple "jigsaw" interlocking design makes the appropriately named Puzzle-Lock, a painless and easy way to complete any area. The concept is an easy one to grasp and execute, hence applicable to almost any market. Since the need for adhesive or tapes is made obsolete, the Puzzle-Lock is set apart from all other rubber flooring. The simple interlocking mechanism, and the weight of the tiles keeps them in place. Moreover, the tiles can be disassembled and reinstalled very quickly, which gives this product longer life than permanently installed rubber flooring. The fact that the tiles can be moved from one location to another, in addition to the virtually zero installation costs, make this product much less expensive to own.

The versatility, of use, of this product is excellent too. Popular uses include: gym & fitness, basements, garages, warehouse. The high density of rubber in the Puzzle Lock tiles protects floors from damage due to dropped weights, it also helps protect parts from hard grounds, and helps to reduce vibration associated with machines such as treadmills and elliptical machines. The aesthetic appeal also adds to any game room, play room, or workshop where a rubber flooring is desired. Currently an All Black option, and for those seeking a bit more flare, a Blue-Gray speckled option are offered. In the coming weeks Terra Cota, Green, Blue, and Gray will also be added to the color line.

Perhaps the most outstanding feature this product offers is that it is made from 100% recycled rubbers and tires. This of course is great for the environment, getting hundreds of tires out of landfills. It is also excellent for outdoor use. The high content of EPDM found in tires makes this product especially UV resistant. If a patio or deck covering is needed, the tiles, Puzzle-Lock, would be a great option. For more details about this product please access the below link or contact a Rubber-Cal customer service representative at 800-370-9152.