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Rubber-Cal Announces Re-launch of the Storefront

Rubber-Cal Inc. is proud to announce the re-launch of one its most popular storefronts,, using the NetSuite platform. The redesigned website focuses on consumer related products such as rubber floor mats and doormats, but is geared to offer discounted pricing to larger B2B segments as well. With an assortment of specialty flooring, Floor Mat Company focuses on residential floor-spaces that are traditionally bare, such as garages, basements, patios, and doorways! The site looks to further increase its product-line by introducing more DIY flooring such as carpet tiles and foam mats.

The newly designed site focuses on a better user experience, with an emphasis on customer education, thoughtful user interface, and stimulating visual design. The site currently offers over 100 articles and 50 YouTube videos about products and applications, which are designed to educate consumers by utilizing visual media. The site’s content is a reiteration of the company’s intent to be on the forefront of customer care. New content is introduced to the site on a weekly basis, ensuring that information about products, applications, and public/media appearances are kept up to date.

In order to accommodate its accelerated business goals, has switched to the NetSuite platform. NetSuite boasts a personalized and engaging E-commerce experience by enabling B2C/B2B merchants, manufacturers, and distributors to seamlessly connect every step of a multi-channel, multi-location business in a single, unified cloud-based commerce system that provides unprecedented visibility into business data and customers. “We are sure that the integration of NetSuite with our business will lead to improved client relationships” noted Josh Krueger Technical Sales Manager.

Salvador Solis, who spearheaded the site’s re-launch, noted: “Rubber-Cal has always been about growth, evolution, and responsiveness to customer needs. I believe that the re-launch of will support the needs of customers in more ways than we thought possible when the site was first published. It’s something we’re all proud to put our names on.”

Company Info
Rubber-Cal Inc. has been providing quality natural, synthetic, and recycled rubber products since 1994. The company has seen tremendous growth since its inception, and the republishing of joins a large family of online storefronts including,,, and