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Eco-Sport Tiles: The New Standard in Recycled Rubber Flooring.

Rubber-Cal has re-introduced a new line of recycled rubber flooring: the Eco-Sport tiles. These tiles offer significantly better material characteristics than the Sportplay tiles (which are being replaced by the Eco-Sport). The new tiles are recommended for commercial gyms, trade show flooring, or any other application requiring an attractive, and durable flooring solution. Whether it be a modular indoor application or a permanent outdoor application.

The Eco-Sport tiles are 24 inch x 24 inch tiles, available in either a 1/2 inch or 1 inch thickness. These tiles offer superior cushioning and resilient characteristics while maintaining a high level of durability. The 1 inch tiles are soft enough to be used in some residential playground surfacing applications. The construction of the Eco-Sport tiles provides superior slip resistance (the tiles actually have a higher coefficient of friction in wet conditions than dry). In addition to superior physical performance, the Eco-Sport tiles also provide a high degree of resistance to oil and petroleum products, making these a great choice for garage surfacing.

This product is also available in a broad array of colors (i.e. Light Blue, Dark Blue, Gray, Green, Terra Cota and Coal). Alterations in the manufacturing process, besides making the Eco-Sport an all-around better product than the Sportplay, have made these tiles less expensive than their predecessors. The 1/2 inch Eco-Sport tiles are now cost competitive with rolled flooring products (i.e. Elephant Bark), while offering superior aesthetic and resilient characteristics.

The 1 inch tiles can be interlocked using a plastic pin system. Each tile is drilled with 12 pin holes (3 per side) along the thickness of the tile. Using 3 inch long plastic pins, the tiles can be connected together, allowing the flooring to be assembled without the use of adhesive.

These tiles are a stock item, and most quantities will ship within 24 hours. Samples of these products are available through the website. For more details about these products, or for pricing for a specific area, please e-mail us at or call a friendly Rubber-Cal Sales associate or product specialist at (800) 370-9152.