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Rubber-Cal Introduces its Newest Eco-Friendly Rubber Flooring

Rubber-Cal Inc. is introducing its newest eco-friendly rubber flooring product, the “Z-Cycle” recycled rubber flooring. The Z-Cycle is another option in the company’s large selection of rubber flooring products, offered to both consumers and industry. The Z-Cycle is best-suited for areas that need affordable yet durable floors that can withstand industrial wear and foot-traffic, such as garages, gyms, and basements. It is currently available in both rolls and interlocking tiles.

The new product is made from 100% “recycled” rubber and tire crumb, meaning that it is a part of Rubber-Cal’s vast line of Green flooring. The crumb rubber used to produce the Z-Cycle is derived from tires with white walls, thus causing the rubber to have a white speckled surface, giving this rubber floor a “true to life” recycled aesthetic appeal. The question of whether recycling works has been put to rest with the proliferation of products like the Z-Cycle that are more affordable, just as durable, and produced in the USA. In California alone, the recycling industry now accounts for 85,000 jobs, generates $4 Billion in salaries and wages, and produces $10 Billion worth of good and services.

Salvador Solis, a brand manager at Rubber-Cal believes “that the product will sit well with consumers of all types. It is highly affordable and is ideal for rubber flooring’s most popular uses. Its speckled look and durability are qualities that are going to have a massive appeal, especially to the fitness industry.” When asked about Rubber-Cal’s emphasis on recycled products, president Beau Pirghibi notes that “Buying recycled products creates markets for recyclables and creates jobs in manufacturing, far more jobs are created this way than are through land-filling or incinerating these valuable resources.” He goes on to say, “Buying recycled products keeps production local—generally at the state level—meaning the investment stays local and helps fortify the local economy. Buying recycled products saves America’s natural resources. All private organizations and companies should have environmentally preferable purchasing policies.”

Since 1994, Rubber-Cal has been leading the market for industrial and commercial rubber products such as floors, mats, ducting, and other specialized pieces. Through its multiple brands (,,, and, Rubber-Cal promotes both high-quality and eco-friendly products at affordable prices, and serves as an example to an industry and a community.