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Rubber-Cal Inc. set to introduce Santoprene to its current line of sheet rubber.

Santoprene is on the forefront of all elastomers available on the market today. SantopreneTM is a thermoplastic vulcanizate, exhibiting the flexibility of rubber with the processing and production ease of plastic. This material possesses many of the same chemical, UV, Ozone, and weather resistances as EPDM, allowing it to be used in a wide array of settings. Santoprene is UL approved and ASTM certified, testifying to the material’s durability, longevity, and resilience. Furthermore, Santoprene is fully recyclable, meaning that it can be reprocessed and molded into entirely new products.

Because of this material’s excellent physical attributes, it can be used in a number of applications including appliance components, electrical parts, gaskets, and seals. Santoprene is particularly popular and effective in automotive applications where it can be used in a wide range of applications including sealing windshields and engine components.

Santoprene is available in smooth or block surface designs with thicknesses varying from 0.020” to 0.25”, 24” or 36” widths, up to 50 ft lengths, and an elasticity range of 55 to 65 durometer. While SantopreneTM is stocked in popular gauges, it can also be custom fabricated to your needs.

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