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With New Rubber Flooring Product, Rubber-Cal Reaffirms Eco-Friendly Commitment

In a conscientious effort to maintain its high standards of product excellence and environmental awareness, Rubber-Cal, Inc. recently reaffirmed its commitment to going “green” with the launch of a remarkable new rubber product. Following the May 2011 launch of Coir, its new eco-friendly doormat store, Rubber-Cal debuted its Terra-Flex Premium Rubber Flooring Rolls on its web stores Coir and Floor Mat

Made with natural rubber harvested from Para rubber trees, Terra-Flex rubber flooring is an innovative, hybrid blend of natural and synthetic elastomers. The higher quality ingredients allow for lighter earth tones, low odor, and specifications that are suitable for most commercial applications. Terra-Flex represents a move toward making premium rubber flooring a staple of Rubber-Cal’s product line.

“Terra-Flex rubber flooring rolls meet the needs of high-end applications while keeping the retail consumer in mind,” says Rubber-Cal CEO Beau Pirghibi. “This type of premium rubber flooring is rarely available to the public in short lengths or short lead times. With Terra-Flex, we are reducing minimum purchase requirements and eliminating lead times by stocking four popular colors.”

Terra-Flex rubber flooring rolls also give consumers a wider array of options. The product may be purchased in custom lengths of up to 50 feet, with the option of custom colors also available.

Beau Pirghibi also notes that Rubber-Cal’s “goal is to provide a premium rubber flooring product for applications with sensitive needs. Like our other rubber flooring products, Terra-Flex rolls can be DIY installed.”

“Here at Rubber-Cal, we understand that modern consumers demand ‘green’ flooring that is easy to install,” adds E-Commerce Manager My Tran. “Ultimately, we want to offer rubber products that are consumer-friendly, readily available, and sustainable.”