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Rubber-Cal’s DIY Rubber Flooring Products Are Always Up to the Challenge

Tough markets and slow economic growth may mean bad news for some B2C distributors, but Rubber-Cal, Inc. has seen a rosier picture. During the first two quarters of 2011, the Orange County, California-based rubber firm experienced impressive sales growth for its interlocking rubber mats, including its top-sellingPuzzle-Lock Recycled Rubber Tiles.

As an independent rubber flooring and sheet rubber distributor, Rubber-Cal prides itself on offering eco-friendly rubber flooring products that are easy to install and long lasting. In fact, these features have likely allowed interlocking rubber floor sales to thrive in this struggling economy. “Consumers are not only more eco-conscious, they are more cost-conscious,” notes My Tran the firm’s E-Commerce manager.

Interlocking rubber floors like the Puzzle-Lock rubber tiles are ideal low-cost options for homes and businesses. Rubber-Cal’s Puzzle-Lock rubber floor tiles are made from 100% recycled crumb rubber. As a result, the tiles are durable and cost effective. Perhaps the greatest argument for interlocking rubber tiles during an economic downturn is their easy installation.

“Our rubber flooring products are ideal for consumers who don’t have a lot to spend,” says Rubber-Cal President CEO Beau Pirghibi. “Our interlocking rubber tiles make sense during tough economic times. A recycled DIY tile is inexpensive and extremely durable, has no installation costs, and will move with the consumer.” Due to their long life and cost convenience, Rubber-Cal’s Puzzle-Lock rubber floor tiles were featured on the first season of VH1’s hit show “Money Hungry” in 2010.

“We want to be the flooring of choice for all basements, gyms, garages, and laundry rooms,” notes Beau Pirghibi. “‘Money Hungry’ was a great opportunity to showcase the strength and convenience of Puzzle-Lock rubber tiles.”

On the first season of “Money Hungry,” Puzzle-Lock interlocking floor tiles were installed in the contestants’ weightlifting area to absorb shock and provide joint support and floor protection during rough workouts.

“It’s exciting to be involved with these types of media projects,” adds Visual Media Director Luis Macias. “Television is a huge part of our culture, and Rubber-Cal always makes a concerted effort to interact with the consumer.”