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Dura-Chef mats to appear in new the Warner Bros. film, Spring Breakdown.

How do you keep actors sure-footed in four feet of foam? For the Warner Bros. film Spring Breakdown (slated for release in 2007), the production resources department picked the ½ inch Dura-Chef mats to provide comfort and traction in filming a "foam party" scene.

The storyline of Spring Breakdown revolves around three thirty-something friends who break the monotony of their uninspired lives by vacationing on an island that's a popular spring break getaway for college co-eds. One of the women, who works for a powerful senator, is assigned to keep tabs on the senator's daughter (one of those co-eds). But the daughter is just as geeky as her chaperones. The movie is being directed by Ryan Shiraki, and stars Rachel Dratch, Amy Poehler and Parker Posey.

The production resources department tapped the Dura-Chef matting for its superb combination of traction and comfort. The ½ inch thick Dura-Chef is lightweight and durable, and offers beveled edges to allow easy access to equipment. Though primarily designed as a kitchen matting for restaurants, the Dura-Chef is a good option for any areas requiring a combination of drainage, anti-fatigue characteristics and anti-slip traction

STARRING: Amy Poehler, Rachel Dratch, Parker Posey, Amber Tamblyn, Armie Hammer
DIRECTOR: Ryan Shiraki
SCREENWRITER: Rachel Dratch, Ryan Shiraki STUDIO: Warner Bros.
GENRE: Comedy

Follows a group of best of friends and geeks since way back, Amy, Rachel and Becky uncharacteristically decide to take their annual vacation in South Padre for Spring Break, since Becky, who works for Senator Kay Be Rogers, has been assigned to keep an eye on the Senator's allegedly wild daughter, Lindsay (Tamblyn), who's going to be in South Padre for Spring Break with her friends, Truvy and Lydia. When they discover that Lindsay and her friends are even more geeky than they are, everyone decides that this may be the perfect time for everyone to let down their hair and be wild and crazy for once in their lives.