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Gray Eco-Sport tiles have been released!

A new color is being introduced to the Eco-Sport tiles line up. In addition to the Green, Blue, Terra Cota, and Coal, we have Gray being added to expand the color choices. Gray is a popular, and much asked for color option for those looking to add a lighter colored flooring product to their gyms, basements, garages, and outdoor playgrounds.

Eco-Sport tiles are a comfortable, 100% recycled rubber product that offers both maximum comfort and durability. They are a high-end commercial rubber flooring product and are available in 1/2 inch and 1 inch thicknesses.

The Eco-Sport are all 2ft by 2ft tiles which can be permanently adhered onto a hard subsurface like any other tile. The 1 inch tiles also offer an interlocking mechanism, using a plastic pin, which are placed horizontally between the tiles, making them a modular floor tile which anyone can assemble or disassemble.

The Eco-Sport tiles have a wide range of use, some of which include: gym and fitness flooring, warehouse flooring, playrooms, recreation rooms, basements, deck and patio covering, outdoor play area covering, wine cellars, and infinitely more applications. The color section makes it easy to match almost any business or home décor. All colors of the Eco-Sport tiles are generally stocked.