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Introducing Terra-Flex: a new, rubber floor tile available from Rubber-Cal.

The strength of rubber flooring lays in its practicality—it is easy to maintain, durable, comfortable, and safe. However, with Rubber-Cal Inc. set to release its new line of interlocking rubber tiles, one more quality should be added to rubber flooring’s resume: flair.

Terra-Flex interlocking tiles are unlike any rubber tile options available on the market today, exhibiting unique features of a rubber floor as well as a sense of panache missing from most rubber flooring. The tiles are made from a blend of synthetic and recycled rubbers, forming a solid, consistent colored surface that is also comfortable to tread. The bottom of Terra-Flex tiles is smooth and soft, producing a strong grip to the subsurface when pressure is applied. The tops of the tiles have a unique woven rubber thread texture, forming a surface that grips while remaining soft, comfortable, and attractive. From a distance, the surface appears earthy and inviting, hence the “terra” in its product name. Even more, the tiles smell faintly of vanilla beans, by design, creating a relaxed and comfortable environment wherever they are present. Terra-Flex tiles are stocked in blue, green, caramel, light tan or gray, and they can be produced in any custom Pantone color. Aesthetically speaking, this line of tiles is miles ahead of the competition.

Practically speaking, Terra-Flex interlocking tiles are suitable for a number of applications. The tiles measure ¼” x 24” x 24” so, they can easily cover large areas. Because the tiles are interlocking, they can be installed and easily moved to another location and reassembled. Furthermore, Terra-Flex tiles can stay down under their own weight, eliminating the need for messy adhesives. The tiles can be easily cleaned with soap, or simply hosed off with water. The Terra-Flex rubber tiles are resistant to moisture. These tiles are specifically designed for withstanding heavy-duty abrasive applications while offering superior anti-fatigue attributes, and because of Terra-Flex tiles’ favorable qualities, they are perfect for a large number of applications including: commercial gyms, animal care, locker rooms, children’s’ play areas, home gyms, spike protection, garages, boats, anti-fatigue, sound dampening, floor protections, and many others.