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Rubber-Cal's newest air ventilation flex hose, has officially been released!

The Air Ventilator has been released! Although this product has been on Rubber-Cal's online catalog ( for sometime, it is now officially being released as a new addition to the ducting line. This highly flexible and compressible duct hose is ideal for air movement applications without having a large price tag. Made from PVC this hose is made for ambient air movement in any industrial application.

This hose is available in the industry standard yellow, but also in a unique, white version, which is the same low price. Although purely cosmetic, this new color option makes it much easier to color coordinate, if aesthetics are important. A 25 feet reel compresses down to 2-1/2 feet, making for an easy transportable hose to and from any site.

Another more functional feature of the hose is the standard belted cuffs on both ends of the hose. Most similar hoses require an additional fee for custom adding cuffs on the hose ends, however the Air Ventilator has these built in. This hose also offers an exterior wear-strip for protection from external abrasion. Hence giving the hose little longer life, if being hauled on abusive grounds is a possibility!

The Air Ventilator is stocked in a wide range of IDs from 4 inch to 24 inch, and in standard lengths of 25 ft, all of which are ready to ship out from Santa Ana, California within 24 hours. The Air Ventilator is superb for air movement applications such as portable ac units, utility blowers, humidity control, confined space ventilation, mine ventilation or wherever ambient air transfer occurs. For complete specifications please link to the Air Ventilator webpage: Yellow Air Ventilator, White Air Ventilator.