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Rubber-Cal Hopes to Change B2C Industrial Rubber and Purchase of

In Orange County, California, one independent rubber distributor has set out to change the online sale and distribution of industrial rubber parts. Rubber-Cal, Inc. recently purchased the domain The growing firm intends to create a new industrial rubber web store that is consumer-based and geared toward individuals and single projects., which will specialize in the sale of industrial sheet rubber and small rubber parts, will launch 4th quarter 2011.

Rubber-Cal, based in Santa Ana, California, is a national distributor of rubber flooring,rubber sheet products, and flexible ducting. signals a shift in the company’s retail policy.

Through Sheet, Rubber-Cal will offer small parts in custom cuts and individual quantities. Customers will now be able to choose from a variety of rubber compounds and small parts according to their specific needs.

"We want to make the purchase process more consumer friendly," comments Rubber-Cal E-Commerce Manager My Tran. "Selling small parts in bulk may be the industry standard, but it alienates the B2C segment as well as researchers and developers who dabble in parts."

Consumers and online shoppers looking for specific rubber parts will no longer be required to buy bulk quantities at’s sale of pre-cut small parts with low minimum purchase requirements will make rubber parts more accessible across all markets. Industrial services and construction firms looking to save money and increase efficiency will find the resources they need at

Rubber-Cal hopes this new approach to industrial rubber will affect change in the world of industrial rubber sales. CEO Beau Pirghibi notes: "Our core competency is the retail sales of rubber parts in the US market. This new brand is a reiteration of that very strategy."

"The consumer will be our focus," emphasizes My Tran. "With Sheet, we are striving to improve the consumer experience and make industrial rubber parts more accessible to everyone."