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Rubber-Cal Promotes Eco-Friendly Living with Coir Door Mat Web Store Launch

Online shoppers searching for eco-friendly mats this week may find sustainable home décor already at their fingertips. Rubber-Cal, Inc., based in Orange County, California, has launched its newest web store. Coir, a Door Mat store, opened for business on May 15, 2011.

In an effort to encourage sustainable living, Coir will feature natural coir doormats, recycled and natural rubber mats, and other eco-friendly matting products.

Coir mats, the natural coconut fiber mats from which the web store takes its name, use only natural, sustainable coir fiber material. They are made in cottage industries that promote clean, sustainable business and promote eco-conscious living. Manufactured primarily in India and Sri Lanka, these natural coco mats are “green” alternatives to the traditional doormat.

Although the average shopper may not know them by name, coir doormats are widely popular welcome mats for homes and small businesses. Eco-conscious doormat enthusiasts will now be able to browse a wide selection of colorful styles and uniquecoco mat designs via Coir’s online catalog.

Rubber-Cal CEO President Beau Pirghibi states that through this web store, Rubber-Cal hopes to make “going green” easier for the average consumer.

Learn more about Coir’s commitment to sustainable living by visiting the site’sAbout Us page.