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Rubber-Cal to provide rubber fitness flooring for VH-1 upcoming show "100 Lost"!

"100 Lost" is a new weight-loss reality show premiering on VH-1, in which contestants (in teams of two) will have to lose a total combined weight of 100 pounds, all while putting money on the line! Contestants will have the help of health professionals and fitness experts along the way, and the winning team will take home a $100,000 grand prize! Each couple begins the show by providing a $10,000 entry fee, which gives the contestant a little more vested interest in winning.

The big news is that Rubber-Cal will be providing the fitness flooring to be used in the show! Our Puzzle Lock Tiles and Elephant Bark Rolled Rubber will be used to cover the entire workout area, which will provide contestants with an excellent impact resistant and comfortable flooring!

Anyone who happens to catch the show will view in-action the features of Rubber-Cal’s rubber flooring products. The interlocking tile, Puzzle Lock will cover the majority of this large gym floor, and will provide contestants with a comfortable, non slip, impact absorbing flooring surface to work out on. These interlocking tiles are an excellent choice for gyms because of the unmatched durability and aesthetics they offer! Available in 5 colors, these interlocking floor tiles are a great way to add a personal touch to any gym floor.

The second product that will be featured will be the Elephant Bark Rubber Flooring! The 3/8 inch thicknesses of this tile floors the weight-lifting areas, in order to offer extra impact resistance for heavy traffic areas. Made from recycled tires, this product is very eco-friendly and has excellent UV and ozone resistance, making it an excellent outdoor product! In addition to this, this rolled rubber flooring is very durable, making it great for gyms with lots of heavy weights and exercise equipment. What better way to preserve your floors and equipment than with an eco-friendly, recycled rubber-flooring product!