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MIT Space Elevator Team takes a stellar journey with Rubber-Cal.

The MIT Space Elevator Team is currently testing Rubber-Cal's Corrugated Rubber and Z-Grip for use in their roller-based climber. The climber is a prototype for a space elevator device, and is designed to carry a payload up a 50 meter ribbon.

According to the competition's website, Elevator:2010 is designed to address the "social engineering" of the Space Elevator. Taking a cue from the X-prize, solar car races, and various other competitive ventures, the organization uses engineering competitions as a tool to capture mindshare in academia, space enthusiast community, and the general public.

The competition's goal is to infect the engineering and science community with a passion for building the Space Elevator, thus making them ambassadors to the cause. They aim to demonstrate the feasibility and sheer simplicity of the Space Elevator concept, and bring it closer to reality. The MIT team has chosen to use one of Rubber-Cal's textured-surface sheeting products to line the climber's rollers, which should allow the device to grip the ribbon more easily. For applications which require a traction-adding rubber surface, contact your Rubber-Cal representative at 800-370-9152 or by e-mail at