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Product Release: The Air Ventilator is now available in an all black color

Rubber-Cal's (i.e. most popular hose product is now offered in a new color. The Air Ventilator is an ideal product for air movement applications, where durability and flexibility are a concern. Previously having been offered in two color varieties, the All Black will now join its Yellow and White product family. Although all color varieties function the same way, the new color being black will have a less sullied look, hence improving aesthetics. This is a concern especially in more commercial industries, like function tent HVAC, where consumers have visual access to the equipment.

This is a PVC vinyl coated polyester fabric hose, reinforced with a spring wire helix. It also has an external wear strip for applications where the hose is being transported, and may be dragged. It also contains two belted cuffs, which make connecting this duct a breeze. It is also light weight, and offers excellent compressibility, so it is easily stored. Perfect for HVAC, ventilation, or any other application in which air movement is needed.