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RubberCal's Ducting products playing a role in Eddie Murphy's film Starship Dave

Peter Segal has banded with 20th Century Fox to film Eddie Murphy (Coming to America, Beverly Hills Cop) in a new science fiction comedy called Starship Dave. The story is centered around a crew of miniature and humanoid aliens who travel to Earth hoping to find a way to save their planet from destruction. And the spaceship in which they are traveling is none other than the human body of Eddie Murphy, whose every move the crew manipulates. Things begin to get complicated when the captain of the starship develops human feelings and unexpectedly falls in love with a woman, played by Elizabeth Banks (Seabiscuit).

Gabrielle Union and Ed Helms will play members of the miniature alien crew, the former as Chief Central Officer and the latter as the Second in Command. And you guessed it, Rubber-Cal's industrial hoses are going to lend a very special presence to the interior of the spaceship, offering all sorts of advanced technological support for the very technologically advanced body of Eddie Murphy.

A handsome, dashing comedy star, Eddie Murphy began as a stand-up performer at age 15 and four years later had become a cornerstone of NBC's "Saturday Night Live" (from 1980-84) with his dead-on parodies and original comic creations. It was almost inevitable that he would follow other former "SNL" cast members to the big screen. Murphy made his feature debut as a wisecracking con opposite Nick Nolte's world-weary cop in "48 Hours" (1982).

Those who don't remember, Peter Segal recently directed the Longest Yard (2005) with Toby McGuire and Jeff Bridges, and Anger Management (2003) with Jack Nicholson and Adam Sandler. 20th Century Fox together with producers, Deep River Productions (Big Mamma's House 2) and Guy Walks into a Bar, David Friendly, Marc Turtle of Deep River Productions, Jan Berg, and Tom Komamicki and Michael Ewing, wish to make this an even more "adventurous" endeavor than The Adventures of Pluto Nash (2002). Release date is expected to be May 30th, 2007.