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Product Release: The new Super-Grip Scraper rubber entry mat.

The Super-Grip Scraper mat is new product to Rubber-Cal's industrial flooring line. This textured rubber mat offers excellent foot-scraping action, aiding in the removal of grit and grime from shoes. An ideal flooring product for entry areas that see a lot of rain or mud, this mat is made for industrial of commercial entryways. Made from high quality SBR and other natural rubber products, the Super-Grip Scraper is designed to withstand the toughest of conditions. This product can be used indoors or outdoors.

Most importantly, the Super-Grip Scraper ensures safety by maximizing footing. Areas which could be a liability concern, due to uneven or slippery surfacing can be quickly made safe with this product. The unique pyramid textured surface aids in traction and slip resistance. The natural high coefficient of friction found in rubber is enhanced via the facade of the mat, and footing is maximized. This product is also ideal for ramps or inclines which require extra traction and foothold.

This rubber mat is 5mm thick (which is slightly less than ¼ inch), and is available in 4 feet width and rolls up to 50 feet. Custom lengths are available in half foot increments up to 50 linear feet. Therefore, waste is minimized and onsite fabrication, again, is made unnecessary. This feature lowers the overall cost of ownership to the end-user. Installation for this product is also a breeze, as it is mostly just laid out without any adhesives. If necessary, a double-sided tape or permanent adhesive would keep this material in place. The DIY (Do It Yourself) nature of the installation of this mat, the expected long life, and the above custom features, all combine to present a less expensive and more durable product.