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Dura-Chef floor mats starring in Universal Studios's Waterworld attraction.

The Waterworld attraction is based off of the 1995 movie of the same, which starred Kevin Costner as "the Mariner", a human with gills capable of breathing underwater. The setting of the story is based on a future in which the polar ice caps have melted, and the Earth has flooded, leaving no land left to inhabit.

Universal City, California bills itself as the chance of a lifetime to be completely immersed in the glamour and excitement of Hollywood. Beyond its iconic red carpet entry and just inside the famed Universal Studios Hollywood gates awaits an authentic movie magic experience filled with thrilling action heroes, resurrected mummies, roaring dinosaurs and ogre-animated favorites.

Universal Studios Hollywood is "The Entertainment Capital of L.A." and the only movie and television-based theme park to offer guests the authenticity of a working movie studio. Within its gates, the rich heritage of movies past and all the stars and excitement of today's Hollywood truly comes alive.

In Waterworld, the water filled arena features a setting in which actors playing the parts of pirates and the mariner battle on jet skis and on make-shift structures. The fury of action provides excellent entertainment for guests. Explosions, acrobatics, and brawls are prevalent through the entire show. What may not be so noticed are Rubber-Cal's Dura-Chef rubber mats in middle of (i.e. beneath) the action. Universal Studios has been using this product on their stage for a number of years. Transformed into the eerie-futuristic, mist-shrouded netherworld, "WaterWorld: A Live Sea War Spectacular" represents the most complex combination of high-tech special effects, pyrotechnics, flame and human stunt work ever attempted anywhere in the world. The attraction puts studio guests in the middle of the exciting action that involves hundreds of stunts and fiery special effects. Highlights include giant fireballs rising 50 feet in the air and cascading to earth in a spectacular wall of fire and a seaplane that swoops in directly above the audience, skidding across the water and coming to an explosive crash landing just inches away from startled spectators.

The Dura-Chef mats are typically used in commercial kitchens, to prevent water and grease from causing any slip hazards. All of these liquids seep through and the drainage holes in the mat keep the surface relatively dry, reducing the chances of an accident. With all the water used in an attraction called "Waterworld" it is quite obvious why these are perfect for their use.