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Rubber-Cal Starts “Revolution” with Launch of New Exercise Rubber Flooring Tiles

Santa Ana, Calif., March 2nd, 2011 – With the spirit of revolution thriving in Egypt, Libya and Tunisia, Rubber-Cal, Inc. has sparked a different type of change. Rubber-Cal recently launched its newest rubber floor product for home gyms, basement flooring, and garage floor applications on February 15, 2011. Mirroring the spirit of current events, Rubber-Cal’s “Revolution” gym floor tiles signal an innovative Do-It-Yourself turn for gym flooring. Rubber-Cal’s new “Revolution” tiles, which are produced with eco-friendly recycled and natural rubber, offer excellent floor protection. Each 20-pound rubber floor tile measures 36 square inches in size and 5/8 inches thick. When installed, the tiles create a shock-absorbent barrier that prevents physical injury and protects heavy equipment.

The “Revolution” also gives users looking for tough gym flooring a newer and easier method of installation. The product design is consumer-friendly and created for home installation.

“When I think of the ‘Revolution’ tile, I think of painless installation,” states My Tran, Rubber-Cal’s E-Commerce Manager. “No adhesives, no installers, and lower costs for customers. What can be more revolutionary than that?” Unlike most puzzle-style interlocking floor mats, these rubber flooring tiles fasten below the surface of the mat. The rubber floor is locked into place by beveled ramps that level the floor’s edge from a 5/8-inch height down to floor level. The locking mechanism hides seams and makes installation a simple step-by-step process.

Those who may not consider themselves handy but who have been searching for a home gym floor, basement floor, or garage floor can look to the “Revolution” for greater coverage and easier Do-It-Yourself installation.

With the “Revolution” tiles, Rubber-Cal hopes to transform home gyms and garages by making rubber flooring more accessible to the average consumer.