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The DIY network's "Man Caves: Ultimate Gyms", airs episode using Eco-Sport tiles

The DIY networks "Man Caves", Starring Tony Siragusa, will floor a Hoboken Fire Departments gym with Eco-Sport rubber flooring. The 'Four Alarm Gym and Lounge' Man Cave project includes building a half-wall, installing a rubber floor, building new top-of-the-line gym equipment and a motorized couch that would make Archie Bunker jealous. But you'd never find Archie on those fitness machines, which let the firefighters stay in shape and stay up on the latest TV shows at the same time. With all the room around the equipment, several people can work out at once and then recuperate on the couch. Now that's a good fit for everyone!

hat is a Man Cave you ask? It is personal dedicated space for guys where they can go and work on projects or chill without being disturbed. In other words a place where guys can be guys. It is a rejuvenation room, a one-stop space for exercising, meditation, yoga, cigar smoking, watching ball-games, etc.. Frankly it could be called a snoring room, a space where men are relieved from the rat race and an alternative to the couch which use to be in the heart of family room. This concept is a godsend for millions of relationships nationwide.

The host, Jason Cameron, is experienced in carpentry and home remodeling, as well as being an outdoorsman and sportsman. He is a familiar face to home improvement fans, having been lead carpenter on the TLC series, While You Were Out. Jason worked his way through college as a carpenter while attending Northern Michigan University. He is also certified as a personal trainer, specializing in strength and conditioning. In his spare time, Jason enjoys working out at the gym, playing volleyball and basketball, and of course, doing carpentry projects. He currently resides with his wife, Mary Ann, in New Jersey.

Tony "The Goose" Siragusa played 12 seasons in the NFL as one of the league's premiere defensive lineman. After several seasons with the Indianapolis Colts, he joined the Baltimore Ravens and was a key factor in winning the 2000 Super Bowl. Tony joins the team on DIY's Man Caves to deliver a roomful of high-energy enthusiasm and know-how with host Jason Cameron.

Tony also showcases his winning personality on the sidelines as a reporter for FOX Sports. In addition to hosting TLC's Mega Machines, Tony has appeared in Spike Lee's 25th Hour, HBO's The Sopranos and as a commercial pitch man for Right Guard. As good hearted as he is good humored, Tony created the Tony Siragusa Foundation, an organization which has raised over half a million dollars for underprivileged kids.

Surrounded by his wife's flower wallpaper and plush pink upholstery, the man of the house may sometimes find it hard to feel like just that - the man of the house. But a planned national television show wants to bring a little more testosterone into the homes of New Jersey men, according to a report in the Jersey Journal. "Man Caves," which has been airing on the DIY network, is the "Extreme Home Makeover" for the guy's guy and will spotlight the Hoboken and Jersey City area, according to Kevin Morra, the show's executive producer.

The "Man Caves" construction team, along with hosts Tony Siragusa, a former NFL lineman and FOX sports commentator, and Hoboken resident Jason Cameron, will help New Jersey men create the ultimate guy hangout space, Morra said. Dingy basements, chilly garages, a beat-up den, or even an oversized mudroom, the "man cave" is a designated area in a home for all things mannish -- or, boyish, depending on your view. Mythologized in beer commercials broadcast during weekend football games, the man cave is a place where guys are free to smoke cigars, fart, yell at the TV, or indulge in other guy-like activities .

It used to be that Dad would toss some chewed-up old couch next to the furnace, watch football on a 16-inch TV with a wire hanger for an antenna, and refresh his beer from an old fridge that had to be cinched shut. Those musty lairs of yesterday, however, have been replaced by grown-up playrooms more fit for king than caveman, outfitted with home theaters, media rooms, or recording studios, wine cellars or a barroom, gyms or a workshop that would make the TV carpenters jealous. "Caving is huge," said Chicago real estate broker Mark Nash. "Buyers are looking for homes that have -- or at least have the potential for -- a personal, dedicated space for one person in a household -- most often the man." Nash recently commissioned a report, "What's in, What's Out with Homebuyers in 2007," that surveyed 923 real estate agents, brokers, and industry executives nationally, and which found that upscale garages and basements are an amenity of choice now. Indeed, Home Depot is "seeing a lot of male customers purchasing larger outdoor sheds for use as entertainment rooms or workshops rather than just storing tools," said company spokeswoman Nicole Hunnicut.