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Martha Stewart Living Shares the Floor with Growing Firm, Rubber-Cal

The October edition of the award-winning publication Martha Stewart Living features rubber flooring from Orange County industrial rubber company Rubber-Cal. In a detailed photograph spread, the home decorating monthly exhibits “Elephant Bark” Rolled Rubber Flooring, Rubber-Cal’s flagship product, covering the floor of a child’s bedroom.

“We are excited to see one of our best-selling products in a highly-acclaimed publication like Martha Stewart Living,” comments Technical Sales Manager Josh Krueger. “There are many reasons why ‘Elephant Bark’ is so popular. It’s versatile, cost-effective. It’s no wonder that it’s showcased in this magazine.”

Martha Stewart Living is one of the premier home decorating magazines, receiving high acclaim and numerous accolades like the Garden Glove Award for Best Magazine. From step-by-step recipes to home renovation tips, the magazine emphasizes and encourages creative, DIY projects.

“The cost-conscious consumer embraces all things DIY. It could be a factor of the magazine’s popularity,” mentions Visual Media Director Luis Macias. “Getting your hands a little dirty keeps money in the bank. Rubber-Cal offers products in the same vein. Installing any of our rubber flooring options is an easy, DIY project.”

The home decorating magazine displays the Blue Steel color of “Elephant Bark,” one of the seven shades offered. The flooring is available in varying thicknesses and can be custom cut to a consumer’s required length. Installing “Elephant Bark” rubber rolls does not require the use of professional installers or adhesives and is an ideal product for the DIY homeowner and Martha Stewart Living reader.

Although the rubber flooring is shown in a residential setting, “Elephant Bark” rolled rubber can also be used in commercial and industrial applications. Rubber flooring is generally utilized for its shock-absorbing ability as evidenced by their application at fitness centers and playground facilities.

“Rubber flooring is extremely versatile, and here at Rubber-Cal, we’ve seen it used in many unique applications,” declares Macias. “The [photograph] spread in Martha Stewart Living is one example of a residential application. It’s great to see more and more consumers considering such functional flooring alternatives.”

Rubber-Cal, Inc. is an independent rubber firm specializing in simple and easy DIY flooring, industrial sheet rubber and ducting products. The firm stresses cost-efficient products for the cost-conscious consumer and offer products through various storefronts:, and