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Rubber-Cal Releases Eight New Stairway Mats

Rubber Flooring, a Rubber-Cal brand, will be releasing new rubber stair treads, all of which are designed to offer anti-slip protection for both indoor and outdoor stairways. The eight non-slip treads, specifically designed to offer staircase safety, are made of natural and recycled rubber products, making them all ecologically-friendly rubber floors.

Rubber products have been ubiquitous in American industry for over a century. Rubber tires are one such example and in the US over 250 million tires are discarded every year. This is one reason for the proliferation of tire recycling. Tire Derived Products (TDP’s) have been welcomed by consumers, especially since TDP’s can be more affordable and just as durable as their virgin counterparts. Natural rubber, just as the name indicates, is a naturally occurring material made from the sap of the rubber tree the Hevea braziliensis. Products that contain either of the raw materials are considered eco-friendly products.

Rubber-Cal’s core competency lies in bringing to market TDP’s that are substitutes for more expensive petroleum-based products. One of the ways they do their part to help reduce ecological waste is through their use of recycled tires. Not only do recycled rubber products benefit the consumer by helping to keep the environment healthier, they are also more cost-effective.

Customer reception to the new stair mats has been very positive. The reasons vary, but people have highlighted the safety qualities of these step mats as well as their eco-conscious nature. Accidents that result from a slip are a surprisingly common, albeit unfortunate, occurrence across the country. The CDC cites a Bureau of Labor Statistics study that estimated that more than 200,000 people suffer from accidents related to a slip and that the total estimated cost of these injuries figure around $70 billion annually ( Stairs are a common venue for these kinds of accidents. It is just as easy to slip on a staircase as it is to slip on a flat surface. The danger lies in the increased harm that can result from falling down elevated heights. Rubber-Cal’s non-slip treads help reduce the risk of such accidents happening. Beau Pirghibi, the CEO and President of Rubber-Cal, says, “Safety is the whole point behind these stair mats. They are designed to offer a safe and secure path at a price point that consumers can afford. In addition, they incur little or no installation costs.”

Rubber-Cal is excited to bring these new protective mats to the customer. Gregory Yoon, one of Rubber-Cal’s product specialists, notes, “People are going to love these rubber stair treads because they prove themselves to be very useful. Safety and comfort is always a winning combination.”

Rubber-Cal Inc. is a rubber flooring and industrial sheet rubber company whose brands include,,, and The company’s brands have appeared on episodes of many popular television shows such as “The Biggest Loser,” “Extreme Makeover,” and “WWE’s Tough Enough.” Since 1994, Rubber-Cal Inc. has prided itself on its “living brand” products, products that evolve with the needs of consumers.