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Rubber-Cal Unveils New Rubber Floor Coverings for the Eco-Conscious Consumer

Rubber-Cal, Inc. continues to reassert the company’s goal to bring to market cost-effective, eco-friendly and synthetic rubber floor coverings. The Orange County rubber distribution firm continually encourages the use of ‘green’ alternatives and has released three new products.

“Being a part of the ‘green revolution’ is high up on our agenda,” says Senior Sale Manager Josh Krueger. “Humanity’s impact on the environment has been less than optimal; the signs are clear. We’re trying to do our part to educate clients of ‘green,’ less expensive alternatives.”

Two of the new rubber floor coverings, Tuff-Flex and Tuff-N-Lastic, are made of reclaimed rubber. Both eco-friendly products inherit the all-weather durability of rubber tires, which is what they are derived from. The third new product Diamond Plate is offered in tough, anti-slip rubber flooring rolls with an industrial aesthetic.

“Rubber is our specialty,” states My Tran, E-Commerce Manager. “Considering this, we’re aware that rubber can be a sustainable material. We’re aware of the dire consequences of tires being sent to landfills. With this awareness, we can address environmental issues through how we conduct our business by offering eco-conscious products.”

Rubber-Cal, Inc. is no stranger to offering recycled and reclaimed rubber flooring. In 2011, over 60 percent of Rubber-Cal’s sales were derived from reclaimed, recycled, and natural rubber goods.

“It may seem impossible to make a dent in environmental issues,” comments Tran. “You’ll use recycled paper or purchase a fuel-efficient car and think ‘What difference does it make?’ In reality, such small steps are precursors to more substantial changes.”

Since 1994, Rubber-Cal, Inc. has offered rubber flooring options for industrial, commercial and residential applications. The company will continue to make eco-conscious products available to the public. “We’re proud to offer quality products that also contribute to environmental conservation,” states Krueger. “It’s certainly a great reflection of our values here at Rubber-Cal.”

Rubber-Cal, Inc. is an independent industrial rubber company located in Santa Ana, California. The company is driven to make eco-friendly flooring and matting, along with industrial sheet rubber and ducting products, accessible to patrons across the continental United States.