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Looking for Playground Safety Flooring for Backyard Playsets?

When traveling to the local park with your younger child for a fun-filled day in the outdoors, you may have noticed the soft surface that lies beneath all of the play equipment that has been set up. This rubber playground flooring ensures that when children are being less than careful, that they are still protected by the outdoor rubber play mats that floors the play area. Originally this type of flooring was tailored to meet the demands of a more commercial and public settings such as in local parks, gyms, clubhouses, cruise ships, and rock climbing facilities. But with the advent of the proliferation of tire-derived products, playground safety flooring is now available to consumers as well. Made from recycled rubber tires, old tires are turned into recycled rubber floor tiles that are both durable and safe. Now a backyard playset can have flooring that mirrors commercial safety qualities of public playground floors. Rubber-Cal’s Eco-Safety backyard playground surface might be the perfect solution to the backyard renovation that you have wanted to do for your kids. It offers the same great qualities used in these public settings, while still providing a price that the average family can appreciate.

Safety is perhaps the biggest concern many parents have when initially deciding to renovate their backyard into a playground for their kids, and with good reason. Slips and falls are a common occurrence with children and they are not always preventable. Taking preventative measures can be the difference between a small scratch on their hand or a trip to the emergency room for a broken wrist. The Eco-Safety rubber playground flooring was manufactured with safety in mind and provides the ideal amount of cushioning for those unexpected falls. With its 2 ½ inch thick material, it has been tested for falls and rates up to an astounding 6ft! Certainly this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t be vigilant of your child falling at these great heights, but it provides comfort knowing that any accidents that do occur on this backyard playground surface will be significantly reduced in their impact. The distinctive underside of these recycled rubber floor tiles is yet another factor that adds to the safety of the Eco-Safety rubber floors. With its triangular-like rubber material protruding from the bottom, this structure allows for the material to bend when impacted by large objects and absorb a majority of the shock waves; therefore, reducing the amount of tension that is released on the object that has fallen. Furthermore, rubber materials also have a naturally high friction coefficient which creates an anti-slip surface that is ideal for areas where children will be running around a lot. Even when the surface is wet during those hot summers when your children decide to start using the hose on their new playground, the surface will still give them the traction that they need to avoid any unwanted falls.

Aside from the great qualities that Eco-Safety play surfacing provides in terms of playground safety, it is also very easily installed and maintained. DIY has always been a motto for Rubber-Cal, and most of their products are created to be extremely consumer friendly. We aim to make it easy for the consumer to install a backyard playset! Using an interlocking pin mechanism, you simply place the separate tiles in the area you have designated, insert the interlocking pins within the holes on each tile, and connect them to the other tile pieces! Adding ramps, which are installed in a similar manner, is always a good investment because of the height of this outdoor rubber play mats. As for the maintenance, the Eco-Safety tiles underside are waffled and allow for water to flow right through the sub-surface. This is ideal for areas that have high humidity or are susceptible to flooding. It will also assure that water doesn’t accumulate on the surface and interfere with the great traction that this product offers. The tire rubber make-up of the tiles makes this flooring UV and ozone resistant, assuring that the weather will not damage your rubber playground flooring.

With the great safety qualities and convenience that these Eco-Safety rubber playground flooring offers, it’s not surprising that this product is now being offered for the average consumer. So when you’re looking to renovate that backyard into something your children will definitely enjoy, consider the Eco-Safety rubber tiles as your first choice. With the perfect blend of safety and DIY installation, it is one convenience worth indulging in!