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Best Outdoor Flooring Option: Puzzle-Lock Tiles!

Is your backyard concrete surfacing starting to show some wear and tear? Are there cracks and chips along the edges? Quickly revamp your backyard with easy to install Puzzle-Lock Tiles, which is Rubber-Cal’s best outdoor flooring option for modular applications. All you need are the tiles themselves and a couple minutes to redo an entire outdoor area. These recycled rubber tire tiles are quickly installed without any mess or hassle. Since they are ultra-durable, they will withstand weathering to give them a longer lifespan under any sunny skies, perfect for outdoor rubber matting. This versatile product can be used from outside patio or gym areas to garden mats.

To install this rubber outdoor flooring, just determine how many tiles your space requires. In tiles that are 20 inch by 20 inch, Puzzle-Lock Tiles can fill your outdoor area with recycled rubber surfacing quickly and efficiently. Simply lay the tiles down with each interlocking protrusion matched to the corresponding groove of the adjacent tiles. To press the nodules into the grooves, apply a little pressure to lock the tiles securely into place. This can be done without any extra materials or adhesive. Rubber naturally possesses a high coefficient of friction so the tiles will be able to stay without slipping on the ground. At six pounds per tile, Puzzle-Lock outdoor rubber matting is heavy enough to remain set on the floor, but for extra security, you can use standard double tape to ensure that the tiles will not move on the ground.

For edges or angled areas, you can customize the recycled rubber tire tiles using a sharp box cutting knife and a straightedge. Measure how much of the tire you would like to remove and place the straightedge along the tile to cut the tiles in a straight line. With 3/8” thickness, you can use a simple sharp blade to easily trim away the excess area of the mat and place the tile into place using the interlock edges or some double sided tape to secure the tile into place. These two steps can be completed within a couple minutes and can cover as much or as little outdoor surfacing as you would like. With such an easy installation and disassembly, these tiles are modular and can be used as temporary recycled rubber surfacing for wherever you go. Bring them as a yoga mat or a quick play surface in the park. This modular ability also allows the tiles to be replaced easily if damaged. Just remove the tile and snap a new one into place. You can always have brand new looking rubber outdoor flooring for your backyard.

Made from recycled rubber tire, tiles of Puzzle-Lock are extremely durable. Tires are designed to endure the elements and to speed over bumpy asphalt for thousands of miles. When recycled, the tires are churned up into tire crumb. These crumbs are used to create new rubber products, such as Puzzle-Lock tiles. Because the tiles are composed of tire crumb, they inherit the same properties that the engineered tires contained. Due to high contents of Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer (EPDM) in tires, the tiles offer excellent UV and Ozone protection so that the sun will not severely deteriorate the tiles. The Puzzle-Lock outdoor rubber matting can undergo the most abrasive conditions, which makes them perfect for outdoor usage. They are designed to withstand heavy foot traffic as well. With such durable recycled rubber surfacing, Puzzle-Lock Tiles can keep your backyard looking great for a very long time.

This is a great rubber flooring option and Puzzle-Lock Tiles are one of the best for modular outdoor applications. These recycled rubber tire tiles are perfect for most environments and do not deteriorate quickly, regardless of sun or ozone damage. They are easily replaceable when needed due to their interlock ability. After only a couple minutes of installation, you have a brand new backyard. No wonder Puzzle-Lock flooring is one of the most popular outdoor flooring option that Rubber-Cal offers.