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New Elephant Bark colors spotted!

Elephant Bark, Rubber-Cal's ubiquitous rolled rubber flooring product, provides a versatile solution to floor and equipment protection applications. While the technical properties of this material make it ideal for a broad range of uses, limited choices of speckled colors often forced customers to compromise on appearance for functionality. In response to this trend, Rubber-Cal is expanding its palate of speckled colors. The newest batch includes All Black, Red Dot and Blue Steel, all in the commercial grade 3/8 inch thickness.

Previously, All Black Elephant Bark was only offered in the 1/4 inch thickness. Customers in commercial gyms, which primarily use the 3/8 inch thick material, were forced to choose between a thinner 1/4 inch material or the most neutral of the 3/8 inch thick Elephant Bark (White Dot). By popular demand, All Black is now available in the 3/8 inch thickness, offering customers the opportunity to forgo speckles entirely.

The Red Dot Elephant Bark is the newest option in single-color speckled mats. Providing the same ratio of colored speckles (17%) as the Blue Dot and Green Dot, the Red Dot offers a darker, richer color.

Joining the Candy Corn in multi-colored flooring, the Blue Steel Elephant Bark combines white and blue speckles against the black background. Since the colored dots are unevenly distributed across the flooring, the Blue Steel offers an aesthetically pleasing blend of two lighter colors. The Blue Steel is more subdued than the Candy Corn, a vibrant combination of white, yellow and orange dots.

All the new colors are "always" in stock, and still guaranteed to ship within 24 hours of ordering. They are sold by linear footage, and offer identical product features to the existing line of Elephant Bark.

Samples of these products are available through the website. For more details about these products, or for pricing for a specific area, please e-mail us at or call a friendly Rubber-Cal Sales associate or product specialist at (800) 370-9152