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How to Cut Rubber Mats


Here is a quick and easy instructional video on how to cut rubber mats! Rubber rolls are perfect for any situation, whether it is a gym, office, or factory floor, they provide the perfect balance between aesthetic appeal and functionality. Installing our rubberized flooring is an easy process and is a great DIY project for you and your friends. Depending on the size of the room, you will have to cut the rubber flooring rolls in order for the proper fit. In this how-to video, we show you the ease of “how to cut rubber mats.”

The first step in cutting roll rubber matting is to assemble all the necessary tools needed to do the perfect job. First, you will need protective gloves and kneepads. This job requires a lot of kneeling and you will be thankful for the padding that the kneepads provide. The gloves are to protect your hands from the next important item, the utility knife. The utility knife is essential in cutting our rubber flooring rolls and the task is impossible without it. It is a good idea to keep a few extra blades on hand for the knife. The final two items you will need are a T-square and a piece of chalk. The T-square is vital to make the straight and even cuts that you need and the chalk is very helpful in marking the places you need to cut. Once you have these tools of the trade assembled, you are ready to begin the easy task of cutting the rubber flooring.

Before you even begin the cutting process, you will need to have mapped and laid out where you want to place your rubber flooring rolls. Once you have laid them all out in their proper places, you may find that some rolls are too long and overlap with each other. This is normal considering that our rolls come in lengths of 50 feet.

The part that you will need to cut off is the excess portion of the rubber floor roll. Using your T-square, line up the part of the roll that you will be cutting off and mark the line with your chalk. This will help keep you on point during the cutting process. In addition to this, you might not always be cutting horizontally across the roll. Depending on your room’s circumstance, you may need to cut diagonally. It is here where the chalk becomes really important because your T-square may not always be able to span the length of the cut required on the rubber rolls.

Once you have your desired line marked and lined up with the T-square, you are ready to begin cutting. This process is professionally known as “scoring”. One thing you have to keep in mind is that our rubberized flooring is tough and resilient. The blade of your utility knife will run into some resistance. However, the task of cutting the roll rubber matting is not impossible. You will need to cut, or score, with your knife several times. You will have to apply a certain amount of pressure while make these cuts. Resistance from the rubber floor roll is to be expected. Just be careful not to cut yourself with the blade, which is why we recommend wearing protective gloves during this procedure. Make sure to keep cutting the rubber until your knife goes all the way through the material.

At the end of it all, you will have successfully finished the process of fabricating your rubberized flooring. It will be ready to go and you can show it off to your friends as a proudly finished DIY project. If the team on the video can make it look easy, then so can you. In fact, it is so easy that the process speaks for itself. The fear and anxiety that overwhelmed you when you first thought of the idea of “how to cut rubber mats” is groundless.

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