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How to Install Interlocking Flooring with DIY to the Rescue


DIY network’s “DIY to the Rescue” is a show that answers the prayers of befuddled home owners trying to fix their houses without the additional cost of installers. One such confounded owner could not create a safe space for her child in her studio. TJ, an artist and mother, wanted her art studio to transform from a dangerous, wooden obstacle course to a place where her energetic son, Eli, could run around and play. The wooden floors were uneven and dirty. Eli complained that he couldn’t play barefoot because the floors would give him splinters.

“DIY to the Rescue” decided to lay rubber surfacing over the tiles so that Eli could feel free to play barefoot, while TJ could rest easy knowing he wasn’t tripping over the fragmented floors. Using Rubber-Cal’s Eco-Sport tiles, the recycled rubber flooring was also forgiving on TJ’s back, which was important due to the long periods of time that she stood to work on her art. “DIY to the Rescue” host Amy then demonstrated the easy installation process of the tiles. They started in the corner and placed three connector pins on the two outward facing sides. They then slid tiles into the connector pins, matching up the receiving holes with the pins, and worked outwards. After one tile, TJ was able to complete the rest by herself, truly a DIY installation. When an interlocking tile was too large for the space, TJ merely aligned a straightedge and trimmed away the excess material to create a custom cut tile for her unique space.

The tiles are heavy enough that they do not need extra adhesive as well, making this surface easy to disassemble and move around. Once the studio project was completed, TJ called in Eli to see the finished room and give him a big surprise. In the middle of the room, she had spelled Eli using different colored tiles for a personalized and adorable touch. As he ran excitedly around the room, TJ smiled to herself and relaxed on the cushioned floor. Without any professionally hired installers or messy adhesives, this rubber flooring was a quick and easy DIY project that completely transformed her studio into a vibrant and fun work and play area.