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Ground Protection Mats Featured on Martha Stewart Show


Rubber-Cal’s ground protection mats recently made an appearance on the Martha Stewart Show. This episode was set in and dedicated to the beautiful Nordic nation of Iceland. This episode was Martha’s own tribute/love song to a nation with whom she fell in love with when she visited years ago. We can’t blame her. After seeing our ground protection mats featured alongside that wondrous North Atlantic island, we here at Rubber-Cal fell in love with all that Iceland has to offer too.

How can one not love Iceland? It is a very unique country with it’s own unique blend of various Scandinavian cultures. The Norwegians, Swedish, Danish, and even the Scottish and Irish have contributed to the cultural landscape of Iceland ( Years ago, Martha had the good fortune of having the President of Iceland, Olafur Ragnar Grimsson, and his wife, Dorrit Moussaieff, as her tour guides. Returning the favor the way a good friend with a television show should, Martha invited Dorrit to appear on this episode.

They rode in on the horses native to Iceland, aptly named Icelandics. Martha was on a magnificent blonde steed named Cookie, while Dorrit expertly rode in on a beautiful black horse named Stiggy. Another star also made an appearance, albeit a more low-key one. That star was Rubber-Cal. Our presence on the show was marked by our heavy-duty rubber horse mats, which were laid out like a red carpet for Martha and Dorrit to ride in on.

When bringing horses indoors, it is always a good idea to have safety flooring for horses laid out. Horses are heavy and their hooves are very strong. The hooves can damage indoor flooring no matter how big or small the horse is. This is especially true of wooden flooring, as seen in the show. The wooden flooring on the set was highly polished and not meant for the weight of an 800-pound horse on it. That is where our safety flooring comes into play.

Our comfort mats are eco-friendly and made from tough natural and reclaimed rubber. The heavy-duty rubber from which these mats are made from is very resilient. They are made to withstand the heavy and constant treading of horse hooves. The reason why they are so good at handling this is because these hard rubber mats have a unique channel design in the material that provides comfort for the animal’s hooves while at the same time providing cushioning for the floor. The rubber has air pockets in it that provide bounce for the horse and absorbs the shock to the floor under it. In short, they are easy on the horse and easy on the floor. As seen in the show, Cookie and Stiggy had no problem trotting along onto the set. Even more importantly, to Martha at least, they did not compromise the aesthetic beauty of the set. The black mats blended in perfectly with the set. In other words, they simply belonged there.

With our ground protection mats laid out on the set, the Iceland episode of the Martha Stewart Show went on without missing a beat. The hard rubber mats performed their job admirably, allowing the horses to walk around the set comfortably without damaging the thin wooden flooring below them. Rubber-Cal carries the best line of ground protection mats anywhere and they are perfect for protecting your sub-surfaces from the heavy tread of horses.