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Rubber Flooring Make Great Ground Protection Mats

In this light-hearted video featuring Hammer McSmasherson, a fictional character who tests rubber products by means of smashing objects into rubber flooring products, he demonstrates just how durable Rubber-Cal’s products are. Although going to extreme lengths to prove this point, such as driving a forklift and truck over each rubber floor tile, it serves as a good visual to customers who are looking for a material that will provide them with a heavy duty floor. When working in industrial, commercial, or residential setting, there is almost always a need for heavy duty rubber floor mats that can provide protection to the floor underneath. In order to do that, however, you must invest in a product that is highly durable. Rubber tiles are just that product. With the natural qualities that are inherent in any rubber material, it has become the leading material of choice in a myriad of applications. Whether you own a business in an area that uses heavy machinery that is prone to falling or you are a homeowner looking to keep your nice marble floors unharmed, Rubber-Cal’s vast inventory is sure to provide you with flooring that offers great durability.


Durability of a product is somewhat difficult to define, and for the average consumer it is a rather important term to become familiar with. Put simply, it is a culmination of a materials resistance to wear and decay, while still enduring the test of time ( Durability not only includes the physical toughness of a product, but also takes into account how long the product can last for. Ground protection mats are a naturally durable material because of the elastic and resilient properties that they contain. Whether made from natural rubber, synthetic rubber, or a composite of both, this material creates a heavy duty floor that can absorb the impact of several objects over a prolonged length of time. Even though a single rubber floor tile might experience constant foot traffic, various impacts, and—if placed in the outdoors—the harsh elements, the physical wear on this material is minimal and will last quite a while before needing to be replaced. Many of the products offered by Rubber-Cal are also reinforced with UV and ozone protection to better resist the decay that results from outdoor usage. Decay of a material is always a concern of consumers because you want to make sure that the flooring you have invested in is built to endure. With these added improvements to the products, you can be sure to have a flooring option that will have increased durability.


With the resistance to wear and decay that rubber’s inherent qualities have to offer, you need to also consider the amount of time that a flooring product will last you. Time is a key factor when assessing the durability of a product. With ground protection mats from Rubber-Cal, you can expect to have a material that will certainly last you for years to come without compromising the strength and durability that you are looking for. Aside from rubber having a typically long shelf life, this material creates a heavy duty floor that will be worth your investment. At an affordable price, it becomes obvious why so many consumers are turning to rubber as their main flooring option. Not only are all these products typically durable, but they are also offered in different densities that allow for increased durability that may be needed in certain applications. In any commercial and industrial area, you will find that this option is ideal for your flooring needs. With constant abuse that your floors will be receiving, it becomes necessary to have heavy duty rubber floor mats that can endure the non-stop usage that is typical within certain areas. Products are created with this in mind, and will give your flooring that needed reinforcement. However, if you are a homeowner that is looking for a comfortable rubber floor tile that will also be durable, then Rubber-Cal can certainly supply your needs as well. For these temporary areas that need added comfort or for activities that need added floor protection such as exercising, there are a multitude of products that will give you the support you need and the durability you will appreciate.


With a better understanding of how important the durability of a product is, the choice for your next flooring renovation becomes quite simple. Ground protection mats have gained mass appeal because of their great qualities and it’s certainly about time that you reap the benefits too!