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Goodyear Rubber "Washer and Dryer Mat"

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California Prop 65:WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -

The Goodyear Rubber “Washer and Dryer Mat” is ideal for protecting your floors against impacts created by washers and dryers and for dampening the noise generated by their rumbling. It is one of the best anti-vibration pads for washing machines—designed to absorb the force of vibrations and enhance traction to prevent the machines from sliding around and to protect the floor from impact damage. It is made of natural and reclaimed rubber materials. And at 5mm-thick, it is designed for protective applications. This washer and dryer mat is available in 3 different sizes:  32” x 29”, 35” x 31”, and 36” x 48”.


This washer and dryer protective mat has a durometer of Shore 60A, making it a hard yet pliable surface. Rubber is the ideal material for creating a protective washer/dryer anti-vibration pads, as it excellently absorbs shocks and dampens vibrations to protect your subfloors from damage and your home from excessive noise. Additionally, the shock-absorbing properties of rubber pads for washing-machine applications disperses the concentration of your machine’s vibrations, reducing the likelihood that they will damage your subfloors.


Furthermore, rubber is a moisture-resistant material that naturally enhances traction. This means that the rubber washer and dryer mat keeps your washer or dryer in place even in wet conditions. This inherent moisture-resistance also keeps your subfloors safe from potential water damage. In sum, the Goodyear Rubber “Washer and Dryer Mat” protects your machines and subfloors from a host of issues—solving all these problems in one stroke.


  • The Goodyear Rubber “Washer and Dryer Mat” dampens the noise washers and dryers generate
  • Prevents a machine’s movements from damaging subflooring
  • Water-resistant
  • Available in 3 different sizes, fitting most home appliances
  • Prevents machines from sliding out of place
Mat Pricing1 Unit+10 Unit+25 Unit+100 Unit+
5mm x 32" x 29"$50.00 $47.50 $46.25 $43.75
5mm x 35" x 31"$58.00 $55.10 $53.65 $50.75
5mm x 48" x 36"$99.00 $94.05 $91.58 $86.63
Description:The Goodyear Rubber “Washer and Dryer Mat” is composed of natural and reclaimed rubber materials and designed specifically for floor and equipment protection. Its 5mm thickness offers an excellent layer of protective flooring to keep light moisture off the floor surface. In addition, the rubber mat is designed to combat “walking” washing machines, enhancing traction to prevent the machines from sliding around. And finally, because this mat is made of rubber, it absorbs sound. It will quiet down a noisy washer or dryer. This laundry room rubber mat is sold in three sizes to cover the footprint of most modern washers and dryers.
Material: Reclaimed and Natural Rubber
Sizes: 32” x 29” – 6.4kg – 14.1lbs 35” x 31” – 6.9kg – 15.2lbs 36” x 48” – 17.6kg – 38.8lbs
Thickness: 5mm
Hardness: 60 Shore A Nominal
Available Colors: Black
Waterproof: Because rubber naturally resists water, the “Washer and Dryer Mat” is impermeable to water. These laundry room floor mats will keep light spills or leakages on the surface of the rubber mat. This feature of the laundry rubber mat keeps water away from the floor surface, protecting expensive subfloors like hardwood or tile. Moisture can leak onto your floor during washing cycles and gradually cause stains, discoloration, or more severe damage to your floors.
Shock Absorption: Washers and dryers are often noisy while in operation. And they can sometimes move around, shifting out of place. A “walking” washing machine isn’t only a noisy hassle to deal with; it can also scratch your floors. The “Washer and Dryer Mat” combats both of these issues by dampening noise and enhancing traction. Consequently, you will have a quieter and stiller machine.
Floor Protection: The rubber “Washer and Dryer Mat” can be placed under the whole machine to act as a buffer between the equipment and the floor. We have designed this rubber mat so that it covers the footprint of most household washing machines and dryers. This rubber mat for washers and dryers will protect your subfloors from light moisture, abrasion, and impact. The rubber material enhances traction, so it will prevent the machine from slipping out of place. This 5mm-thick rubber mat has ample thickness to handle most day-to-day destructive effects of what otherwise may seem amusing, a “walking” washing machine!
Cleaning: Since this rubber mat is made from natural and reclaimed rubber materials, it demonstrates a good resistance to both moisture and mild cleaning solutions. The rubber anti-vibration mat can be washed easily with water and most common cleaners, allowing you to clean the mat with your favorite household detergent. Please refrain from using bleach or other strong, caustic cleaners, as strong chemicals can cause the rubber mat to discolor or degrade quickly.
Availability:The Goodyear Rubber “Washer and Dryer Mat” is generally in stock.
California Prop 65:WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -

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