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Gas Station Mat

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California Prop 65:WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -

Rubber-Cal’s Gas Station Mat is a unique rubber matting product designed specifically for gas stations. Made from a blend of SBR rubber and eco-friendly reclaimed rubber, this durable rubber mat provides a protective, watertight covering for fuel sumps – the ground openings at gas stations which are used by tankers to top off the station’s fuel supply. The heavy-duty gas mat is circular, measuring 4-feet in diameter with a 9mm thickness to provide maximum protection. Covering a sump with the Gas Station Mat will prevent rainwater and other potential contaminants from leaking inside, as well as protecting the grate from physical damage.

The rubber material that makes up the Gas Station Mat is completely non-porous and waterproof. Since the gas mat is made from durable SBR rubber and reclaimed rubber, it can be left outdoors and provide protection through any weather conditions, year-round. This also means that it can create an effective watertight covering over a fuel sump, preventing the leakage of water and other fluids into the sump opening. Preventing any sump contamination can help protect gas station operators from the costly and time-consuming process of cleaning out their fuel supply.

The Gas Station Mat also features an industrial diamond-plate surface. Not only does this create a clean and professional look, but provides a safe, non-slip walking surface. The thin, raised protrusions of the diamond-plate design are fine enough to fit into the grooves of shoe soles, locking in when a person puts their weight onto the rubber gas mat. The helps them maintain their footing – even when the mat gets wet. The extra traction provided is an important feature for potentially-hazardous gas station environments. Each Gas Station Mat also features bevelled edges for added safety.

  • Enhances industrial aesthetic appeal with a raised diamond-plate surface pattern
  • Made from a blend of SBR and reclaimed rubber for resistance to outdoor elements
  • Features a 9mm thickness to protect against impacts, abrasions, and other harsh physical conditions
  • Measures 4-feet in diameter to offer a complete, watertight covering for any fuel sump
  • High durability allows for low maintenance and easy cleaning with soap and water


Mat Pricing1-9 Mats10-24 Mats25-99 Mats100+ Rolls
9mm x 4ft. Diameter$115.00$109.25$106.38$100.63
Description:Made from a combination of durable SBR and reclaimed rubber materials, this rubber mat is a cost-effective and aesthetically pleasing solution for protecting your fuel sumps from physical harm, rain, and other contaminants. The mat features a diamond-plate style surface that helps provide more traction for any foot traffic going over the surface. The edge of this circular mat is beveled for added safety.
Material: Styrene Butadiene Rubber (SBR), Reclaimed Rubber
Color: Black
Weight: 26 lbs
Thickness: 9mm
Size: 4ft. in Diameter
Applications:Fuel Sumps, Outdoor Areas, Anti-Slip, Equipment Protection, Floor Protection
Why Fuel Sumps?:Why Fuel Sumps? Fuel sumps are an important part of the day-to-day operations of gas stations. Sumps are the access point where fueling trucks refill underground fuel storage tanks. In rainy conditions, water can flood the sump and start causing fuel leakage. It is costly and time consuming for the operators of the gas station to pump the water out. Placing this mat over the sump will prevent rain and other contaminants from getting inside the fuel storage tanks. The durability of the mat will also protect the top cover of the sump from physical harm such as vehicles driving over them.
Eco-Friendly Rubber:This mat is an ecologically conscious product made from reclaimed rubber materials.
Traction:The top part of the mat features a surface texture composed of a diamond-plate pattern. These protrusions are slightly raised from the surface, allowing for better grip and traction in case individuals have to step or walk over the mats surface.
Cleaning:This mat is a low maintenance product that is very easy to clean. For best results, simply use a wet cloth or mop along with simple commercial cleaning soap. Please do not use caustic cleaning agents such as bleach.
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California Prop 65:WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -

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