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Get Rid of Messy Concrete Paint; Use DIY Garage Rubber Floor Tiles!


Oil stains and cracks ruining your weathered garage concrete floors? Don’t get on your hands and knees again to slowly repaint your entire garage with yet another coat of concrete paint. Rubber interlocking flooring tiles are perfect for a simple, hassle-free do it yourself garage floor. Since they are durable, anti-slip, and weather resistant, these rubber tiles will save you time and money, while guaranteeing a clean and safe garage floor that will not need to be resurfaced constantly.

Puzzle-Lock garage rubber floor tiles are ideal for self-installation because they do not need any extra adhesives to secure the tiles on the floor. With interlocking tiles, just lay down the tiles in the area you want covered. Place the tiles next to each other with the nodules adjacent to the grooves of the corresponding tile and snap them into place. You only need to apply a little pressure to make sure that each tile is locked in. For any excess tile, just use a straightedge and sharp utility knife to trim the tile to size. Not only are the tiles easy to install, you just need to pull the tiles apart to disassemble them. Weighing only 6 lbs. per tile, Puzzle-Lock tiles can be moved from one area to another without any difficulty. When necessary, replacing these tiles requires no time or stress with such mobile tiles!

Garage rubber floor tiles are made from recycled rubber, ensuring that they are durable and resistant to weathering. Recycled rubber is made from rubber tires that are ground up into tire crumb. Made to last thousands of miles on the road, tires can withstand weathering and abrasive environments very well. When rubber tires are turned into tire crumb, they retain their weathering and abrasive resistant properties. Puzzle-Lock interlocking garage flooring is designed to withstand the most abrasive conditions and has excellent UV protection because of its high content of Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer, or EPDM. These tiles are also able to absorb any impact or heavy weight to protect the floor below as well as the object resting on top. With a heavy car or metal tools in the garage, Puzzle-Lock tiles help to prevent large cracks or chips in any delicate garage flooring.

While concrete is commonly thought of as a no fuss surface to clean, a rubber floor for garage surfacing can be cleaned just as easily with a standard broom or damp mop. Rubber does not harbor mildew and mold so the tiles can withstand a simple spray down from a hose to clean off any debris. Harmful objects, such as nails or screws, rest on top the tiles and do not become embedded into the flooring, making them easy to spot and remove to prevent injuries.

Puzzle-Lock tiles are created from thousands of rubber granules for extra comfort and anti-fatigue properties. The natural anti-fatigue properties of rubber are enhanced with a space age polymer binder used during manufacturing for even more support and cushion. For those who stand for long periods of times in their garage, these tiles provide extra comfort to better protect joints. Rubber also has a naturally high coefficient of friction. This creates better traction and better prevention against slips or falls. A softer surface than concrete, a rubber floor for garage areas will cushion a fall better than a hard surface to help prevent any serious injuries.

Interlocking garage flooring is perfect for a custom garage because the tiles can fit any size room in a myriad of colors. With individual tiles, you can purchase the exact amount of tiles you need rather than ordering excess material and spending extra money. For complicated areas, tiles are also easier to fit into shapes that are not simple rectangles. Just line up the tiles to match your area and cut off what you don’t need with a utility knife. Puzzle-Lock tiles also come in six different colors: all black, blue, gray, green, terra cotta, and black with blue/grey speckles.

For a great do it yourself garage floor, Puzzle-Lock rubber tiles are perfect for any shape and size garage without any extra adhesives. They are durable, long-lasting, and comfortable floors that can be replaced or moved without any hassle. Forget concrete paint! Puzzle-Lock tiles are clean, safe and durable. Get a floor that really has it all!