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How to Finish a Basement with Rubber Floors!


It may be the lowest floor in your house, but that doesn’t mean your basement has to suffer from neglect. Can you remember the last time you cautiously ventured down to the depths below? Has it turned into a damp, dark area perfect for a scary movie? Give your basement a quick facelift with easy to install rubber floor tiles, the best flooring for damp basements to brighten a room and avoid mold. Basement remodels can change your basement from being just a large space to house your electrical circuit breaker into the room to be in. Learning how to “finish a basement Project” in a cost effective manner with a product that will withstand the (possibly) environment in the long-run should be your primary goal. Is your basement unused because of mildew or mold issues? If you suffer from leaking water in basement corners, rubber flooring interlocking tiles will prevent the infestation of mildew that thrives in cool, damp spaces.

There is no need for you to avoid going into your basement at all costs anymore. Your basement can be your personal retreat instead of your personal nightmare. Rubber tiles for basement surfaces can transform a dank, unpleasant room into a vibrant play area or a functional man cave. Rubber-Cal’s Terra-Flex rubber flooring interlocking tiles changes an unsightly concrete floor into a comfortable, cushioned surface that is safe, sanitary, and aesthetically pleasing. With rich earth tones such as blue, caramel, gray, green, terra cotta, and light tan, the Terra-Flex tiles add immediate warmth to a darker basement space. Rubber-Cal also offers custom colors for your Terra-Flex rubber tiles created from your favorite Pantone color. These colors are especially designed for residential applications to compliment and blend in with your wall color and décor. Most rubber sheets and tiles smell distinctly like a heavy rubber scene that hangs in the air. With Terra-Flex tiles, however, not only will you be saved the annoyance of waiting for the rubber scent to fade away, but you can also throw away your existing air fresheners! These tiles are infused with a vanilla aroma to mask the traditional rubber scent so that they can be used for residential applications straight from our warehouse. As shown in several pictures in this video, Terra-Flex rubber tiles were used in ABC’s Extreme Makeover: Home Edition for common living areas to add to the vibrant home décor.

Flooring for damp basements can be tricky because mildew and mold thrive best in these damp environments. To prevent mold from growing, use rubber tiles. With rubber tiles, any liquids or messes rest on top of the flooring, instead of soaking into the floor. For any water in basement areas, Terra-Flex rubber tiles will not absorb the water. If water leaks onto the tiles, simply dry them off and re-install them. Damp basements are usually the breeding grounds for unhealthy and unsanitary mold. Terra-flex tiles are created from recycled and synthetic rubber. Due to the lack of organic material, mold cannot grow on these tiles, making them perfect for any damp areas. Finish a basement with rubber floors and you need not worry about having to replace the floors! Terra-Flex tiles also create a seamless surface because rubber flooring interlocking tiles locks every tile onto its adjacent tiles to avoid any gaps in between for water to seep through. With individual tiles, the Terra-Flex tiles can go straight up to the edge of your wall. Just trim away the extra protrusions with a simple utility knife and place directly onto the edge to ensure that there is no area uncovered by rubber tiling for water to drip into. Without mold or mildew, your basement can become a safe room to retreat to for hours at a time. Come family game night or poker night for the boys, your basement will be ready to be called your “party room.”

Even though your basement may look like a potential space for the next Grudge movie, finish a basement with rubber flooring and turn it into a game-room! Rubber tiles for basement spaces resist mildew growth and are easy to clean in case of water leaks. They cover unsightly floors rapidly and effectively with a soft, comfortable cushion. Terra-Flex floor tiles can help immediately transform your basement into the perfect play or party room.